45,000 Square Feet of Shades by Crossville at Klein High School – Houston, TX

Now that’s a classy cafeteria…thanks to a great design by Bay-IBI Architects & the Shades by Crossville porcelain tile collection!

Shades by Crossville porcelain tileOh that our school could’ve been this cool! Klein High School’s cafeteria in Houston, TX was recently renovated to modern standards of style and functionality. Crossville’s sophisticated Shades collection replaced 45,000 sq. ft of dated epoxy terrazzo, offering a fresh, upscale appearance as well as exceptional technical properties and eco-friendly recycled content.

Here’s what the team at Bay-IBI Architects of Houston shared about the installation:

“Staying true to its name, Shades brings an incredible tonal variation to our project.  Adding intrigue to the space without the use of bold colors,  the sleek, clean look of Shades helps the cafeteria look more modern. The various sizes the product is available in helped in creating a floor pattern to accommodate the cafeteria’s unique shape. Using most of the colors Shades offered, we were able to replace the original epoxy terrazzo flooring in the cafeteria.” 

Congratulations to the team on a project done well!

Design – Bay-IBI, Houston  |  Distributor – Crossville Tile & Stone  |  Installer – Hoffman Tile

Shades by Crossville

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#TileTuesday Tip: Tile the Fireplace Surround

Let’s have a fireside chat about fireplaces! As we welcome the shift to the fall season, more of us will be gathering ’round fireplaces to enjoy the warmth and ambiance. Consider the design of your fireplace as an opportunity to create a special focal point for your cherished spaces. Thanks to the versatility of porcelain and glass tile, your fireplace doesn’t have to be of the brick-hearth/wood-mantel variety.

The Modern Fireplace Surrounded in Tile

Sleek designs in glass mosaic or porcelain tile offer a contemporary look that’s versatile and appealing. The style draws attention to fireplaces as focal points while also blending with the overall look of modern rooms.

Crossville Ebb and Flow for Fireplace Surround

Crossville’s Ebb and Flow offers a modern take on fireplace design.

Crossville's Color by Number collection accents this fireplace surround.

Crossville’s Color by Number collection accents this fireplace surround.

Crossville's Glass Box collection beautifully adds texture to this sleek fireplace.

Crossville’s Glass Box collection beautifully adds texture to this sleek fireplace.

Crossville tile featured in a fireplace surround of a master bathroom. Photo courtesy of OurAmericanMadeHome.com

Crossville tile featured in a fireplace surround of a master bathroom. Photo courtesy of OurAmericanMadeHome.com

The Traditional Fireplace Surrounded in Tile

Crossville’s Modern Mythology collection truly defines this fireplace.

Crossville Tile Outdoor Kitchen Fireplace

Design possibilities for tile fireplace surrounds are vast. Just check out Crossville’s design tools for ideas and inspiration. Of course, the appeal of tile for fireplace surrounds goes beyond design, as tile has technical properties appropriate for the installation. Also, tile does not trap allergens, like dust and dirt, and it cleans quickly with minimal special maintenance.

As you’re contemplating your fireplace surround options, remember to consult with an installation expert regarding specific needs and requirements.

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#TileTuesday Tip: Go with Tile in the Dining Room

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ll be spending a lot of time in dining rooms–either in our homes or out at restaurants. The materials used to cover the floors in dining rooms are big deals, especially when you consider the frequent, high traffic demands of these eat-in spaces (and your cousin Eddie’s tendency to spill stuff).

Porcelain tile is a great option for residential and commercial dining area flooring. It offers

  • versatile, beautiful design options
  • durability & superior performance properties (resistance to slip, wear, moisture)
  • ease of cleaning and simple long-term maintenance

Carrying the tile from the kitchen to the dining room is a nice way to create visual continuity and define your culinary spaces. Adding decorative borders and trims, as well as wall tile with chair rails and the like, completes dining areas with sleek, finished style that can enhance meal time…anytime.

Tile for Residential Dining Rooms

Crossville Bluestone collection

Crossville’s Bluestone Collection beautifully captures the natural lighting in this dining room.

Crossville's Cross Color Collection

Crossville’s Cross Color Collection is featured in this colorful,  custom pattern in a residential dining room.

Crossville Modern Mythology

The Modern Mythology collection creates an elegant dining area, with sophisticated details for floors and walls.

Tile for Commercial Dining Rooms

Crossville Manoir Collection

The Manoir collection looks and performs beautifully in a commercial dining area.

Crossville Limestone porcelain tile collection

Crossville’s Limestone Collection featured in this restaurant.

Crossville's Buenos Aries Collection featured in this fine dining restaurant.

Crossville’s Buenos Aries Collection featured in this exquisite fine dining restaurant.

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Crossville Adds Tile Style to Lynn University’s Cafeteria and Coffee Shop


Lynn University – Boca Raton, Florida

Lynn University is private university located in Boca Raton, between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale in the sunny state of Florida. With students from more than 75 countries throughout the world, Lynn was selected as the scene for the third presidential debate in the 2012 election. The debate focused on U.S. foreign policy–quite fitting for this university with one of the most international student bodies in the country.


Christine’s Coffee Shop at Lynn University

Although the school is most recently known for its high profile political interchange, the leadership of Lynn puts top priority on the daily experiences of students. A great example is the update of cafeteria and coffee shop on campus. These two facilities are cornerstones of campus life, and thanks to attractive and thoughtful renovations, Lynn’s global student body has world-class, convenient eateries to choose from.

Designer Cindy Wilson of Boca Raton, FL, was retained to lead the renovation of these spaces. Her firm’s experience in commercial interior design provided the right background for the project. With focus on both style and durability, Wilson selected Crossville’s Bluestone collection for the coffee shop flooring, as well as Laminam by Crossville for some demanding wall surface areas.

Christine's Coffee Shop at Lynn University

Christine’s Coffee Shop at Lynn University featuring Crossville’s Bluestone Collection

The coffee shop, Christine’s Coffeehouse, is a central hub for student interaction. From high traffic demands to lots of beverage spills, the choice for flooring was dependent on ease of maintenance and non-slip features. The Bluestone collection in the Pennsylvania Blue color had the right look and performance characteristics for the 1,500 square-foot space.

Lynn University cafeteria

Lynn University cafeteria featuring Laminam by Crossville

Lynn University cafeteria featuring Laminam by Crossville

Lynn University cafeteria featuring Laminam by Crossville

In the school’s cafeteria, Laminam by Crossville was specified as a wainscot for 645 sq ft of wall space. These porcelain panels in the Filo collection were selected for its durability and ease of maintenance. Providing a beautiful transition from the floors to the walls, the Laminam panels evoke a modern style with uninterrupted and flawless design.

The overall looks of both the coffee shop and cafeteria are inviting, and the premium materials will provide long term performance a busy university demands. No doubt, the renovations make a world of difference to Lynn’s international student body.

Kudos to Lynn University Cafeteria and Coffee Shop renovations project team members:

#TileTuesday Tip: Celebrating the Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is a favorite spot for tile creativity, especially in residential settings. The backsplash offers an affordable way to incorporate tile, as well as a defined area where homeowners can get creative. And with today’s endless array of styles and options, kitchen backsplashes are looking better than ever.

Here are some ideas on how to make a statement with tile for your kitchen backsplash.

Simple Subway

Savoy by Crossville for kitchen backsplashes

Savoy by Crossville
Design by Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home (postcardfromparis.com)
Photo by Rachael Boling Photography (rachaelboling.com)

Savoy by Crossville for the kitchen backlash

Savoy by Crossville
Design by Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home (postcardfromparis.com)
Photo by Rachael Boling Photography (rachaelboling.com)

Subway tile offers a classic look that is timelessly appealing. This kitchen features our Savoy line in a simple yet sophisticated brick pattern that adds just the right texture, gloss, and interest to this gorgeous kitchen in a home in South Carolina. The look compliments a range of materials, color palettes, and kitchen styles from traditional to modern.

Glass Mosaics

Crossville glass mosaics for kitchen backsplashes

Crossville’s Ebb & flow for the kitchen backsplash

Glass Blox by Crossville for kitchen backsplash

Crossville’s Glass Blox for the kitchen backsplash

Crossville's Glass Blox

Origins glass by Crossville

A touch of glass… Origins glass mosaics by Crossville for the kitchen backsplash

Glass mosaics are beautiful options for kitchen backsplashes. Whether you want a clean, linear look in a monochromatic pattern or you want to inject a dazzling spark of color to the kitchen, glass mosaics are up to the challenge.

Stone Looks & Details

Empire by Crossville

Empire by Crossville for the kitchen backsplash – mosaics, trims and field tiles combine for custom looks

Empire by Crossville

Empire by Crossville for the kitchen backsplash

Porcelain tile with the look of natural stone is a great surfacing choice for kitchens. It’s dense, durable and can capture the authentic appearance so many homeowners love. Today’s collections offer varied tile sizes, trims and decorative accents that invite custom patterns and unique installations that give stone looks so much versatility for the kitchen backsplash.

Focal Points/Tile as Art

Urban Renewal by Crossville

Crossville’s Urban Renewal line framed by Modern Mythology brick pattern mosaics makes a lovely focal point

Crossville's Modern Mythology creates tile artwork

Modern Mythology by Crossville exemplifies “tile as art”

Tile can be used to design eye-catching focal points and artwork that gives kitchen backsplashes added personality and sophistication. Focal points over the cooking range, framed by liners or borders, are very popular.

Metal Looks in Porcelain Tile

Stainless Steel by Crossville

The look of stainless steel in a porcelain tile – a unique option for the kitchen backsplash

Crossville's Stainless Steel Collection

Stainless Steel by Crossville for the kitchen backsplash

Urban Renewal by Crossville

Another metallic look for the kitchen backsplash – Urban Renewal by Crossville

The look of metal achieved in porcelain tile is a fun alternative for kitchen backsplashes. With metal finishes prominent in the kitchen (often stainless steel these days), it can be a nice design option to carry that look through to the backsplash. The beauty of porcelain tile that has the look of metal is the ease of installation and maintenance long term. Metal-look tile is likely to keep looking great for years and years to come.

Backsplashes: Create Your Own Custom Looks

Crossville Backsplash Builder

Get creative with Crossville’s Backsplash Builder interactive design tool

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to incorporating tile in your kitchen backsplash. Have fun with it and enjoy the process! Our interactive Backsplash Builder tools is a great way to get started and get ideas. Click here to check it out: http://www.crossvilleinc.com/residential/design_tools/backsplash_builder. This handy online tool lets you play with color, sizes and patterns to find and define your own unique look, so you can make a splash with design in your kitchen.

Need even more ideas? Visit our website photo gallery for more images. http://www.crossvilleinc.com/contract/gallery/kitchens

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Crossville’s Cross-Sheen Is a Game Changer in Exterior Cladding at Burrell Field in San Leandro

Crossville tile at Burrell Field

Aedis renderings

Burrell Field, of the Pacific Sports Complex in San Leandro, California, serves as home field for the San Leandro High School Pirates. Originally built in 1963, the facility recently received renovations as part of a $50.1 million school facilities bond. Aedis Architecture & Planning led the high profile project, transforming the entire complex into a modern, attractive and highly functional location that serves as a connecting point for families throughout the region.

When it came time to select the right material to clad posts and the ticket office, Joe Vela and the product specifiers of Aedis turned to Crossville’s innovative product solutions, distributed by Butler-Johnson Corporation. Previously, the posts and ticket office had been covered in brick, but that material had previously not performed to par against potential graffiti and other challenges of such a high traffic location. In contrast, Crossville’s durable porcelain tile products, manufactured for superior performance in demanding environments, can be coated with the proprietary Cross-Sheen finish–making them resistant to graffiti, scuffs and stains, as well.

Crossville tile at Burrell Field

Cross-Sheen makes it possible to wipe away marks and graffiti that would otherwise pose major maintenance problems. It’s an exceptional alternative for product specifiers looking for best solutions for exterior cladding and interior surfacing in public environments.

The design team opted for a unique blend of Crossville colors from various product lines in a 2″x8″ size. This lean size mimics the shape of brick and was installed to replicate a brick look on all posts and the ticket office surround. Installation was handled by Roberts Tile of Santa Rosa and KZ Tile of San Francisco.

Products and colors used include


Crossville tile at Burrell Field

Crossville tile at Burrell Field

Special thanks goes to Marianne Nugent, sales representative with Butler-Johnson, as well as Joe Vela of Aedis. We’re glad our products provided the game-chaning look and performance the team needed to take Burrell field into its new era in the San Leandro community.

Learn more about Crossville’s exterior cladding products by clicking here.





A Year-round Program of Support: Crossville Offers a Thread of Hope for Colleagues Facing Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and for the next few weeks, we’ll all likely see pink everywhere as organizations, businesses and individuals strive to show support for those whose lives are affected by breast cancer.

A month of awareness can be a powerful thing. However, we at Crossville have made our efforts to support those facing this disease a year-round effort. Every month of the year, we contribute a portion of proceeds from two of our glass tile products—Glass Blox and Origins Glass—to the Common Thread for a Cure.

Crossville supports Common Thread for the CureCommon Thread for the Cure provides financial support for families of the furnishings industry affected by the battle against breast cancer. Through Helping Hands Grants, the Common Thread for the Cure helps families with transportation, household expenses, child care, tuition, home repairs and other practical ways to improve quality of life as they face the challenges of the disease. The foundation also supports research and educational programs.

Crossville glass tile

If you’re planning to use glass tile for your next project, we invite you to consider Glass Blox and Origins Glass. Both lines are beautiful, versatile and, in selecting them, you are making a charitable contribution to families when they need it most.

We hope you join us in supporting the Common Thread for the Cure.

For more information about The Common Thread for the Cure, please visit www.commonthread.info.

#TileTuesday Tip: Get Creative with Tile Patterns for Bathrooms

Porcelain tile is a natural surfacing choice for bathrooms in both residential and commercial environments. It resists moisture, is simple to maintain, and looks great for the long term.

The “looking great” part is especially fun. There are so many ways to incorporate tile into your bathroom’s design. With creative tile patterns, you can elevate the look and feel of bathrooms large or small. Here are some unique ideas for incorporating tile patterns for bathrooms.

Tile Patterns for Bathroom Floors

Crossville Tile Basketweave Pattern

Crossville’s NOW collection in Amber

Use the canvas of the bathroom floor to create patterns that add dimension and interest to your overall design. The basket weave pattern, as pictured above, is an excellent example. This installation uses a single tile color yet looks so inviting thanks to the fun pattern.

Crossville Tile Savoy Collection

Crossville’s Savoy Collection

This installation shows a mix of colors cleverly used on a bathroom floor. The pattern creates an almost rug-like effect and is positioned in front of the soaking tub to add a touch of drama and draw the focus to this beautiful area in the bathroom. The inventive approach anchors the bathroom’s design.


Crossville's Modern Mythology

Crossville’s Modern Mythology

Mosaic tile patterns are ideal for bathrooms. As functional as they are beautiful, mosaic tiles have timeless appeal. This installation, above, features an intricate mosaic pattern gracing the tub surround.

Crossville's Mixology

Crossville’s Mixology

In contrast, the bathroom at the right brings in just a touch of mosaics as a liner above the countertop. This shows how to add mosaic pattern detail to your bathroom without breaking the budget.

Even subtle use of mosaics can really elevate the bathroom into a beautiful, inviting retreat.

Patterns on Bathroom Walls

Crossville's NOW collection

Crossville’s NOW collection

Tile patterns on bathroom walls add real luxury. The installation shown above incorporates a monochromatic pattern created with a mix of sizes and defined by a mosaic border. The border creates a nice completion to the tile installation, as it does not extend up the length of the wall. This configuration looks great and also provides tile’s moisture resistance properties to be present past the sink area.

Tile Patterns for Showers

Crossville tile featured in a TOTO vignette

Crossville tile featured in a TOTO vignette

Tile in the shower is a great option. Patterns can add to the beauty and safety of showers when used on floors to add slip resistance. This installation shows lovely, simple patterns on walls and floors made more interesting with contrasting colors. The appearance is stylish, while the tile’s performance will be exceptional. Note that use of mosaics or smaller format tiles on shower floors aids in slip resistance because of the increased grout lines that provide more traction.

Crossville's Origins Glass & Color by Numbers

Crossville’s Origins Glass & Color by Numbers

Need ideas on patterns, patterns and more patterns? We’ve created the ultimate resource for you: our tile pattern guide! Just click here for looks and percentages of tile sizes needed to create beautiful patterns.

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From the Portfolio: Crossville Tile in San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2

From the Portfolio: Crossville Tile Contributes to the 1st LEED Gold Airport Terminal in the U.S.


San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2 is the first LEED Gold registered airport terminal in the U.S. and features Crossville tile collections throughout its 16 public restrooms. We were honored with a Project Green / Best in Show, Commercial Remodel in  2012 for this exceptional project, and today we’re taking a look back at this expansive and unique project.Crossville Tile in SFO T2

“This terminal is beautiful. It’s one of the few terminals in America where you arrive and think it’s going to be a great day.”                                                                                         — Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group.

It takes an extraordinary renovation to get noticed in San Francisco (and to get noticed by Sir Richard Branson, no less!). San Francisco is known as one of America’s greenest cities, so environmentally responsible renovations are relatively common throughout the metro area. From California’s stringent building codes to widely-embraced LEED standards, architects and designers have to be on top of their game to create projects that stand out and go to the next level in terms of sustainability. Nonetheless, the San Francisco Terminal 2 renovation project managed to just that, and Crossville tile certainly contributed to the sustainable standards that were so important.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) serves tens of millions of domestic and international passengers annually. As one of the world’s 30 busiest airports, SFO is committed to setting the industry standards, including safety and security, customer service, environmental commitment, and quality of facilities. With this in mind, the renovation of Terminal 2 became a tremendous challenge, and SFO achieved superior results.

Terminal 2 features about 640,000 square feet of space accommodating 5.5 million passengers per year through 14 gates. Reopened in 2011, the airport’s renovated Terminal 2 received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, demonstrating SFO’s commitment to efficiency, passenger comfort, and creativity.

Part of the overall renovation project consisted of the 16 public restrooms, eight sets of men’s and women’s restrooms. With more than 36,000 square feet of tile from floors to walls, choice of covering was instrumental. The SFO Terminal 2 design team needed a sustainable product with extreme durability that would still meet all of the required style and function elements.

Crossville Tile in San Francisco AirportThe renovated restrooms feature Crossville’s Color Blox EC porcelain tile, which contains a minimum of 20 percent recycled content certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). The restroom flooring featured Crossville’s Color Blox EC “Sea Otter” 12”x24”,and the tiles were installed running parallel to the vanity areas to help guide the flow of traffic from the restroom entrance to the rear toilet area. The walls featured Crossville’s Color Blox EC “Sand Box” 12”x24” and were laid horizontal to the floor. In addition to the floor and wall coverings, a small amount of glass tile was used as trim near the ceiling above the vanity and sink areas.

In addition to sustainability and durability, choosing Crossville’s Color Blox EC porcelain tile provided the SFO Terminal 2 other benefits, such as its ease of maintenance even with green cleaning products that eliminate or minimize the use of harsh chemicals. The choice of a lighter color tile helps reflect light, therefore allowing a reduced footcandle output and overall less energy usage. And finally, the Color Blox EC porcelain tile–a dense, hard surface–is sanitary and does not harbor bacteria providing for a healthier restroom environment.

With the SFO’s environmental commitment top of mind, Crossville’s unique sustainability practices meshed perfectly with this green renovation project. Crossville is the first manufacturer in the industry to be certified by SCS for its waste recycling processes for fired waste and filtrate waste. Between Crossville’s industry-leading Tile Take-Back Program and the TOTO USA partnership, we’ve diverted tens of million pounds of fired porcelain from landfills and are a net consumer of waste.

San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2 renovation project team members:

  • Owner-Client: City and County of San Francisco
  • Architecture and Design: Gensler
  • General Contractor: Turner Construction
  • Flooring Contractor: De Anza Tile
  • Demolition Contractor: Silverado Construction
  • Tile Manufacturer: Crossville Inc.
  • Tile Distributor: Butler Johnson
  • Setting Manufacturer: Custom Building Products

Want to see all the details of this great installation? You can access the Project Green PDF right here—-> Crossville – SFO T2 Project Green PDF.

#TileTuesday Tip: Understanding Rectified Tile and Nominal Tile Sizes

Rectified tile. Nominal tile size. 

These phrases appear on tile packaging and product information, but what do the terms really mean? What do you need to know in order to make product specifications for your upcoming projects? Here are quick explanations for your reference on this #TileTuesday.

Rectified Tiles

Crossville Tile Explains Rectified Tile

Rectified tiles have edges that have been precisely finished for uniformity, ensuring size is exactly the same from tile to tile within a product line.

What’s the advantage of rectified tile? Using rectified tiles allow installers to place tiles closely together with minimal grout line. Because of the precise dimensions, rectified tiles are easier to work with when installing patterns and unique tile designs. Non-rectified tiles that do not have uniformly calibrated edges require wider grout lines so that differences between tiles are not visible.

Nominal Tile Size
Typical nominal tile sizes are those you’re likely familiar with: 8” x 8”, 12” x 12”, 16” x 16” and so on. However, according to accepted industry standards, the actual size of the tiles as found in the box may be 3% smaller or larger than the nominal tile size stated. This acceptable variance is defined by article A137.1 of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). For example, a product that is described as a 12″x12″ may be as small as 11.64″ or as large as 12.36″.

Crossville provides both the nominal tile size and actual tile size information on product information. We offer the nominal sizes in inches, with the actual sizes in millimeters.Crossville Tile Explains Nominal Tile Sizes

Crossville prioritizes full disclosure and product education, so we give the details you need on all product information, whether in print or online. No matter what tile you select, be sure to learn if it’s rectified, as well as its nominal versus actual size. This will help you and your installer have the best outcomes.

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