Crossville Tile Featured in The Christopher Kennedy Compound at Modernism Week


Tucked away in Palm Springs is the first ever Modernism Week Show House, also known as The Christopher Kennedy Compound. The project is the namesake of its creator, Christopher Kennedy, the Palm Springs interior designer known for his unique brand of luxurious modernism that’s a happy complement to the city’s mid-century modern architecture and classic American style.

Given New York has the Kips Bay Decorator Show House and Beverly Hills has the Greystone Show House, Kennedy thought it high time for Palm Springs to have its own show home. With a vision of celebrating the Palm Springs legacy, Kennedy partnered with Luxe Interiors + Design, a leading national luxury design magazine, and a team of A-list designers to create an iconic Palm Springs experience in only a few months time.

The home features some of the latest, greatest materials in modern design, including several Crossville products that serve as versatile, durable, and flattering elements to the home’s mid-century sensibilities. Throughout the luxe dwelling, Crossville products are lovely additions to this creative, collaborative project.

Sideview Glass
Sideview Glass is a collection of multi-beveled glass tile with a modern touch, a perfect accessory for any space needing a dash of glamor. Naturally, this makes for a happy pairing with a mid-century modern design project.

With sophisticated, urban colors, Shades is a versatile porcelain stone that is as intriguing in monochromatic designs as it it is in mix-and-match patterns that blend the line’s range of hues.

Virtue captures the best qualities of the world’s purest white marbles in a durable, porcelain tile body. The elegant line features subtle, graceful veining and a clean look that’s equal parts classic and contemporary.

Made of recycled glass, Origins Glass mosaics require fewer raw materials to be used in production. With a fashion-forward color palette and plenty of options to choose from, Origins fits right in with the aesthetics of The Christopher Kennedy Compound.

Retro Activeretroactive

Retro Active is a collection of versatile colors and size. As the name implies, this is an excellent modern element to include in iconic Palm Springs designs.


FILO 3+ is part of our Laminam by Crossville brand. Filo’s large format, lean profile panels are ideal for skinning surfaces in lasting style.

The Christopher Kennedy Compound will be revealed in February during Modernism Week. For more information on the project, visit The Christopher Kennedy Compound website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for ongoing updates.

#TileTuesday: Tile for Schools & Universities Is Always a Class Act

The halls of learning are high traffic areas. That’s why porcelain tile is an excellent surfacing choice for educational environments. Porcelain tile’s technical properties make the grade across campus—from class rooms and common areas to administrative offices and cafeterias. Always on the quest for surfaces that are high in durability and low in maintenance requirements, school product specifiers turn to porcelain tile to create installations that are as practical and lasting as they are beautiful.

The University of Alabama Bryant Denny Stadium featuring Crossville's EcoCycle and Color Blox Collections.

The University of Alabama Bryant Denny Stadium featuring Crossville’s EcoCycle and Color Blox Collections.

A beautiful mixture of Crossville's Buenos Aires Mood collection highlights this open hallway space at Cumberland College.

A beautiful mixture of Crossville’s Buenos Aires Mood collection highlights this open hallway space at Cumberland College.

Crossville offers a wide range of products ideal for educational institutions, including versatile Laminam by Crossville collections that bring large format, lean profile panels to walls and floors. Our Cross-Sheen finish is an excellent solution for schools that need a ready defense against graffiti, scuffs and stains. And our Hydrotect coating offers anti-microbial, self-cleaning and air purifying properties to keep schools cleaner and healthier.

45,000 square feet of Shades porcelain tile stands up to the students of Klein High School in Houston, TX.

45,000 square feet of Shades porcelain tile stands up to the students of Klein High School in Houston, TX.

West Virginia University's logo captured beautifully in Crossville's Wood Impressions collection.

West Virginia University’s logo captured beautifully in Crossville’s Wood Impressions collection.

Crossville's Wood Impressions featured in one of the cafeterias at Husson University in Maine.

Crossville’s Wood Impressions featured in one of the cafeterias at Husson University in Maine.

Laminam by Crossville as the wainscotting in Lynn University's cafeteria.

Laminam by Crossville as the wainscotting in Lynn University’s cafeteria.

Want more ideas on tile solutions that will make the grade for your educational institution design projects? See even more inspiring installations in our online gallery, and be sure to follow our Twitter feed for ongoing updates, product launches and design news.

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#TileTuesday Special: Have You Seen the New Sideview Glass Collection?

Sideview Multi-beveled Glass Mosaic Tile Collection is Jewelry for Your Walls

In honor of yet another #TileTuesday, we’re turning the spotlight on our latest glass mosaic collection: Sideview Glass. This line has real razzle-dazzle for commercial and residential applications.

Sideview Glass by Crossville

This unique collection is inspired by design elements of the art deco period, featuring multi-beveling on metallic-look mosaics. The dimensional effects of the beveling enhance reflection of light, providing an opulent, upscale look for wall installations.

Sideview by Crossville

The collection comes in four metallic colors—tungsten, silver, gold and copper—each offered in high sheen and frosted finishes. The 3”x3” mosaics are mesh-mounted on 12”x12” sheets, allowing for ease of installation. Additionally, Sideview comes in a 3”x12” border and a 1⅛”x6” liner. These accent pieces can be integrated into wall designs as finishing trims for Sideview’s sheet mosaics or mixed with other tile products or surfacing materials to create stylish accents.

Sideview Mosaics by Crossville

Sideview is recommended for interior walls or covered exterior wall applications in commercial and residential settings. It’s an attention grabber…a great option for a touch of glam.

Sideview by Crossville See more views of Sideview over on our Facebook page!

Our Argent Collections is an Interiors & Sources Readers’ Choice Winner

Crossville Wins Readers Choice Award from Interiors & Sources MagazineA category win for our Argent collection in Interiors & Sources Magazine‘s Readers’ Choice awards is a colorful way to close out 2013!

That’s right! Our Argent collection, 20 colors strong and filled with endless design possibilities, is the top choice of readers in the Tile & Stone category in this annual honoring of top products in interior design.

Launched midyear 2013, Argent heralded Crossville’s return to color. The line features a rainbow of saturated, versatile hues, as well as a palette of neutral selections ideal for complementing the brights to create custom patterns.

Crossville Argent Collection 20 Colors


The line offers immense possibilities for commercial and residential installations with its colorful options. We’re honored that Interiors & Sources discerning readers voted the collection their favorite for 2013. We’re excited to see what designers do with the line in the new year, as well.

Crossville Argent Collection

Crossville Argent Collection

Crossville Argent CollectionGet the full scoop on the Argent Collection by visiting the product page on our website and see all of the 2013 Readers’ Choice winners on Interiors & Sources website.



#TileTuesday Tip: Considerations for Selecting Tile for the Shower

Considerations for Tile in the Shower

Crossville Tile Ideal for Custom Showers

Crossville’s Glass Blox is featured in the shower, with Color Blox completing the bathroom floor.

Tile is an ideal surfacing material for showers. However, today’s showers are often more than just box-like, functional structures; they’re spa-like retreats that can offer unique features and uses for added luxury and enjoyment. That means the tile installed should be selected with all those unique features and usage in mind.

Here are some things to consider when selecting tile for the shower.

1. Prioritize slip resistance: The shower is a wet area in which you’ll be standing, so it’s imperative that the floor surface provide slip resistance for safety purposes. Check the product information for details about recommended use to be sure the tile you love will perform properly. Likewise, slip resistance may differ from finish to finish, so–again–read product specifications thoroughly, and seek counsel from your sales rep or installer if you need clarification. You may love the look of a tile, but if it doesn’t offer the slip resistance required, you’ll have to go with an alternative.

Important to note: The tile industry is in transition to a new standard called the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction or DCOF. DCOF provides a more accurate gauge of a tile’s slip resistance during dynamic contact. Crossville has introduced this updated specification to its product materials already. We’ve written in detail about this new standard in a previous blog post; click here to read more.

And here’s another tip… Smaller tiles, such as mosaic pieces, can heighten the slip resistance because of the increased grout line required for installation. Smaller tile sizes on the shower floor can provide an additional assurance of safety.

Crossville Virtue Porcelain Tile Collection

Crossville’s Virtue porcelain tile is used throughout this residential shower, with unpolished hexagonal mosaics on the floor for enhanced slip resistance.

2. Focus on special features: If the shower design includes features such as seats, benches, or niches for toiletries, consider what tile products will support the installation of those features functionally and in terms of desired aesthetics. For example, mosaic tile is a great alternative for curved elements, as the smaller tiles more easily install on rounded surfaces. In contrast, larger format tile may be best for uninterrupted walls in terms of ease of installation and keeping clean long term. In many instances, a mix of tile sizes and styles can achieve the needed performance and create custom looks, as well.

Crossville's Manoir and Glass Blox collections

Here, Crossville’s Glass Blox mosaics emphasize wall niches and add a decorative touch amidst the Manoir plank-sized field tiles on the walls.

3. Don’t forget the ceiling: The shower area is constantly exposed to water and steam, and shower ceilings can fall victim to the ramifications of moisture-rich environments. Using tile on the ceiling area of the shower can aid in keeping things clean long term, while also offering a beautifully finished look for the space.

Crossville's Limestone Collection beautifully accents the neutral tones in this shower.

Crossville’s Limestone collection covers all surfaces–even the ceiling–in this shower.

4. Go with porcelain panels: The burgeoning category of large format, lean profile porcelain panels is a great fit for shower stall installations. With generous dimensions measured in feet, not inches, just a few panels can cover shower walls to create sophisticated looks that are simple to install and easy to maintain for years to come. Our Laminam by Crossville collections offer an array of looks to create custom looks for showers and bathrooms.

For more beautiful tile ideas for the shower, check out our Pinterest board.

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Crossville Looks at the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid


Pantone’s 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid, a mesmerizing choice with solid jewel tones that inspire daydreams of warm spring weather, blooming flowers, and amethyst sunsets. Surprisingly versatile, the color is able to be worn by both genders and is sure to work its way into makeup lines, runway fashion, and interior design in the new year.

89e8c4e7095c2c770a0feb123c1d9deaRadiant Orchid is a bold choice: it’s bright and captivating, but with enough cool, fuchsia undertones to not overwhelm the eye of the beholder.

Executive Director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, says the color “inspires confidence and emanates great love, joy, and health. It’s a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Purple symbolizes mystery, creativity, and dignity. It’s also historically the color of royalty and an emblem of power. Ancient Rome, Egypt, and Persia all used purple on an imperial standard. The dyes were rare and expensive, and only the rich could afford the vibrant color. Today, of course, purple is substantially more accessible, and complementary to a number of other colors, including gold, teal, periwinkle gray, and canary yellow.

Here’s a peek at some Crossville products that blend with Radiant Orchid to create a lovely look that’s totally on trend…

Crossville Porcelain Tile - Glass Blox - Bright Solids Grape Sparkle

Crossville Porcelain Tile – Glass Blox – Bright Solids Grape Sparkle

Cross-Colors | Amethyst

Cross-Colors | Amethyst

Crossville Porcelain Tile - Glass Blox - Bright Solids Lilac Dew

Crossville Porcelain Tile – Glass Blox – Bright Solids Lilac Dew

Crossville Porcelain Tile - Argent Grapes of Wrath

Crossville Porcelain Tile – Argent Grapes of Wrath

Crossville Porcelain Tile - Glass Blox - Bright Solids Amethyst

Crossville Porcelain Tile – Glass Blox – Bright Solids Amethyst

Last year, Pantone selected Emerald as the Color of the Year for 2013, and Tango Tangerine for 2012. Each year, it’s fun to see how Pantone’s colorful declaration influences design. In 2014, perhaps Radiant Orchid will help purple reign!

Crossville Tile Partners with Louisville Tile of Knoxville for Labor of Love Project

Crossville and Louisville Tile of Knoxville Help Make a House a Home

The new Sertoma Center duplex in Knoxville, Tennessee is a residence designed specifically for adults with developmental disabilities. The facility gives people with unique challenges a place to call home. Crossville and distributor partner Louisville Tile of Knoxville had the honor of contributing tile to help make the space extra special for residents. The facility features Crossville tile in eight rooms, offering an appealing style and product performance to be a great solution for the long term.

IMG_0317Sertoma Center is an organization dedicating to serving adults with developmental disabilities by providing the highest quality of residential, vocational, and community services available. When the center started running low on physical space to serve all of their clients, the Labor of Love project was born. Local East Tennessee news station WBIR teamed up with the Homebuilders Association of Greater Knoxville and the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors to help the Sertoma Center build a new facility to house six of their residents. For the majority of the individuals served by the organization, Sertoma truly is a home – and a good one. Residents stay in houses in the area with round-the-clock care, and are taught basic life skills in a happy, fun-loving environment.

IMG_0322With the help of volunteers and donations of time, skills, and supplies, the Sertoma Center duplex reached completion and will be home to six adults by the end of the year. Members of the center and the six residents moving in toured the home for the first time on November 12.

IMG_0327Louisville Tile in Knoxville stepped up when they heard about the project and need for materials. Among the items donated were four of Crossville’s products:

EcoCycle Americana – Alamo
Cotto Americana – Red
Cotto Americana – Brown
Cotto Americana – Tan

These Crossville products are featured in two kitchens and six bathrooms.

IMG_0324For more information on the Sertoma Center, visit

A #TileTuesday Special: Discover Reclamation Porcelain Tile Collection by Crossville

For today’s #TileTuesday tip, we’re offering you a special look at our latest product launch: Reclamation Porcelain Tile Collection by Crossville.

Cities speak in wood, stone and concrete, and Crossville listens…

Introducing Reclamation–the latest porcelain tile collection by Crossville and the brand’s first to be created with digital production technology. Reclamation is the essence of industrial chic. Its look is inspired by the revitalization of urban settings and materials–reclaiming the best of the past to bring character to today’s designs.

Reclamation Porcelain Tile by Crossville

The line’s four distinct colors—Whiskey Lullaby, Cotton Exchange, Steel City and Tobacco Road—are comprised of 16 different faces blended to capture a modern look with a hint of nostalgia. These hues are interpreted in substantial 12×24 and 24×24 sizes, along with a 6×24 etching accent that gives a nod to graffiti art and a bullnose option.

Reclamation Porcelain Tile By Crossville

Reclamation is manufactured in the U.S. with a minimum 4% recycled content and is GreenSquared certified. The line’s superior technical properties make it suitable for commercial and residential use on interior floors and walls, as well as exterior vertical surfaces. Its urban glam style is sure to bring an industrial evolution to contemporary decor. See more photos and detail shots on our Reclamation Pinterest board.

Reclamation by Crossville

Reclamation Porcelain Tile by Crossville

Thanks for celebrating #TileTuesday and the launch of this exciting new line! Look for more #TileTuesday inspiration next week, and learn more about Reclamation at

Crossville is the Tile of Choice for Dallas Love Field Modernization Project

Love Field, the iconic airport located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, serves more than seven million passengers each year. Widely known as the hub of Southwest Airlines, Love Field has served as a backdrop for the rise of affordable air travel in the U.S. for over 40 years of its nearly century-long history.

LFModThroughout the decades, Love Field has undergone a range of updates and expansions to accommodate its evolving operations. In 2009, the City of Dallas, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Transportation Security Administration and Southwest Airlines collectively declared it was time for a complete overhaul and upgrade to the facility. The $519 million Love Field Modernization Project (LFMP) was launched in earnest, with a focus on green development and sustainable practices in design.

Work for the LFMP began in 2010, with plans to complete construction in phases through 2014. The full project will provide Love Field travelers with a remodeled main terminal, a new 20-gate concourse and ticketing wing, as well as an updated baggage claim area. The terminal is trimmed in size by approximately 25% yet provides more modern, efficient flow for travelers. In addition, the new design allows for more than double the amount of current airport concessions.

rendering of Love Field remodel

rendering of Love Field remodel

LEED-silverThe main terminal facility and new concourse are slated for LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, reflecting adherence to energy and environmental standards in building design and construction.

When it came time to select materials for this project, specifiers held to LEED requirements. Crossville’s Color Blox EC porcelain tile collection was chosen for its green properties, technical performance characteristics and aesthetic appeal for the design.

Crossville Color Blox EC Tile at Love Field

Color Blox EC contains a minimum 20% recycled content and is manufactured with Crossville’s Ecocycle process. The design team opted for the Sandbox colorway—a lighter tone to aid in light reflection, therefore allowing a reduced footcandle output and overall less energy usage.  Featured throughout the interior walls in the terminal, concourses and in the restrooms, the tile offers the style and durability needed for this high traffic, demanding environment—a modern touch for a new, inviting facility.

Crossville Color Blox EC at Dallas Love Field

In addition to its design appeal, sustainability and durability, Crossville’s Color Blox EC provides other benefits. Specifiers opted for Crossville’s Cross-Sheen finish for the tile used throughout the facility. Porcelain tile is easily cleaned and maintained without use of harsh chemicals and does not harbor bacteria, moisture or allergens, providing for a potentially healthier environment. However, the Cross-Sheen finish takes ease of cleaning and long term maintenance to another level, as it allows for simple removal of scuffs, stains and graffiti.

Overall, Crossville provided the solutions required for a cleaner, greener and LEED Silver Certified Love Field that will be enjoyed by millions of air travelers for years to come.

Love Field Renovation team members:

  • Owner: City of Dallas
  • Architecture and Interior Design: Corgan Associates Inc.
  • Distributor: Crossville Tile & Stone
  • General Contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
  • Flooring Contractor: Alamo Tile & Stone, Sigma Marble Granite & Tile
  • Tile Manufacturer: Crossville Inc.

#TileTuesday Tip: Supersize Your Floors with Large Format Porcelain Panels

Once upon a time, the mention of “large format tiles” for the floor conjured images of 18″x18″ or 24″x24″ options. Today, as the porcelain panel category grows bigger (no pun intended!), the phrase “large format” can refer to pieces of tile measured in feet–not inches–to create sophisticated tile floors with minimal grout lines and maximum style.

Designers are already hot on the trend of large format, lean profile porcelain panels. The category launched with a focus on wall tiles, but now the industry is answering the need for big solutions for flooring. Seeking sleeker lines and clean looks, design pros have embraced these new options for their generous proportions and immense design capabilities. Porcelain panels for the floor expand installation options like never before.

Laminam by Crossville beautifully transitions from floor to wall seamlessly.

Laminam by Crossville makes a sleek transition from floor to wall.

A great example of large format porcelain panels for the floor is the new Laminam 5.6 line.  This new line offers two versatile sizes for floor installations: 1M x 3M (yes, that’s 3.3 feet x 9.8 feet) or 1M x 1M (3.3’ x 3.3’). In contrast to the ample outer dimensions, Laminam 5.6 panels are only 5.6mm in thickness. In addition to the design benefit of fewer grout lines, Laminam 5.6 panels can be installed directly over many substrates, making installation much faster with less renovation waste.

With the steadily growing popularity of large format tiles for walls, the addition of the floor panels allows for seamless design opportunities. For use in both commercial and residential projects, the large format panels provide an entirely new way to surface. Now, you can dream big and envision floor-to-wall tile unlike ever before.

Laminam by Crossville now for the floor

Laminam 5.6 by Crossville

Installation of Large Format Porcelain Panels Is Key

This new category of tile…and now its new application for flooring…is compelling the industry to define installation standards. Crossville’s technical team is working with tile contractors, distributors and retailers nationwide to educate the industry on best practices for installation. The “Laminam Training” YouTube channel is a go-to for tips and practical information on installing large format porcelain panels.

Discover the Design Possibilities for Floor & Wall

The looks that large format panels have to offer for floors and walls are vast and quite sophisticated–from sleek, modern design to quaint, traditional styles.

Laminam by Crossville for floors and walls

Check out the color combinations and technical specifications at Laminam by Crossville, and follow our Twitter feed (@crossvilleinc) for the latest in large format floor panels and other tile updates.

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