Want to Go Green? Follow Crossville Inc. to Greenbuild!

gbCrossville Inc. is committed to green practices.  And for us that means much more than simply exhibiting at eco-oriented trade shows like next week’s Greenbuild Expo in Scottsdale.  We have implemented substantive programs and product development strategies to ensure that, for Crossville, ‘green’ has meaning.

Our recently announced Tile Take-Back program is a great example.  This progressive effort is helping reclaim unused materials for renewable purposes.  It’s a tangible, effective way for Crossville to take a stand and take the lead for the tile industry in the quest to be greener.

Crossville Tile Take-Back is our most recent green initiative.  Other notable eco-wise accomplishments include our wonderful EcoCycle product line, responsibly manufactured and certified to prove it  (get the full story online).

In other words, we’re taking strides consistently to walk the walk when it comes to being green.  From the inside out, we’re living up to ensure product created from the earth’s natural resources ultimately give back to the earth.

If you’re looking to go green, we invite you to follow us. From the products we develop to the programs we implement to the trade events and expos we support in between, Crossville is leading the way to more and more beautifully green alternatives.

In the coming days  ahead, we’ll apprise you of more eco-friendly design advice and information, as well as other initiatives of our brand that can help you make a difference.

If you’re going to be at Greenbuild next week, be sure to stop by our booth, #906, to say hello and learn all about the Tile Take-Back program!

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