Get Planked! Once Again, Crossville’s On the “Cutting” Edge!

Attention architects, designers, facility managers, contractors and homeowners:  “Get Planked!”

Thanks to Crossville, Inc’s cutting edge cutting capabilities, you can now enjoy plank configurations for any Crossville product (excluding natural stone).  Plank sizes–known for being lean, modular and immensely versatile–are widely popular for customizing tile installations.

With Crossville’s bevy of porcelain stone products, sizes and planking options, you now have 2,598 possibilities to chose from to invent your very own, unique patterns and application designs.

The great news continues.  There’s no minimum order and only a 3-week lead time to Get Planked!  Crossville’s made it exceptionally simple to acquire planked inventory, often delivered in record time thanks to stock-on-hand.

Visit today to select your products to Get Planked!  Or SEE all about it at .

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