UltiMetal Wins Best of Year in Floorcovering from Interior Design

It’s the ultimate medal of honor for UltiMetal.

As winner of this year’s Interior Design Best of Year in Floorcovering, Crossville’s UltiMetal has earned the affirmation and adoration of the nation’s leading interior designers and architects.

Certainly, the Floorcovering category is a broad and impressive one, making it true to state “it’s an honor just to be nominated!”  Yet when the win was announced last week at a gala event in NYC, the accolade certainly propelled this beautiful, inventive line into a whole new realm.

Already recipient of the Neocon Gold designation, UltiMetal is shining example of Crossville’s product innovation.  The array of textures and designs, achieved in highly convincing metal finishes, are transforming places and elevating spaces nationwide.

Learn why UltiMetal has the mettle to stand up and shine above the competition.  Visit the product page on the Crossville, Inc. website today.

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