Introducing Class Act: Crossville Inc.’s Porcelain Stone Collection For Educational Environments

Through Crossville’s Class Act program, school architects and designers, facility managers, school boards, and purchasing agents can select from a comprehensive collection of Porcelain Stone® tile products for both new construction and renovation projects. Created as a comprehensive solution for educational facilities, Class Act not only offers versatility in design, but also provides the assurance that comes with buying American-made products from a company with a proven track record in educational facilities.

There is ample evidence to support the theory that school design impacts learning and student outcomes. Crossville understands that these design implications go beyond aesthetic considerations, ranging from indoor air quality and to ease of maintenance to the emotional and behavioral influences of color, with the additional concerns of price and durability.

Special Surfaces

Crossville offers several specialty finishes and textures for areas where extra slip resistance and enhanced traction are required, such as cafeteria food prep and back-of-house spaces, exterior walkways, entry ways, and other areas where slips and falls are of greatest concern.

Crossville’s Cross-Colors® products come in a variety of high-performance textures, and numerous product lines include finishes created specifically for exterior walking surfaces. Crossville also offers a comprehensive Exterior Cladding program, a highly efficient, economical, and environmentally preferable alternative to traditional masonry.

Color and Style

Crossville’s Americana and EcoCycle series were created specifically with learning environments in mind. Working with color experts, Crossville created palettes based on colors shown to facilitate better learning.

For more extensive selection, choose from the Color Blox series, with 20 colors as inspiring as their names—whether it’s Yellow Brick Road, Mr. Green Jeans, Grape Jelly, or any other learning-friendly hue.

Crossville’s special services include custom cutting, making it possible to create installations unique to each school. Mascots, seals, and other school symbols help instill school pride and make a design statement; other more functional uses include inlaid directional aids and color-coding to designate various learning zones.

From walls to floors, Crossville covers them all, with a variety of sizes, from mosaics up to 24 x 24-inch tiles.

Sustainability and the Indoor Environment

Crossville’s Class Act collection includes EcoCycle and Color Blox EC, both of which have been certified by Scientific Certification Systems to have 40 and 20 percent recycled content, respectively. These and other Crossville recycled products may contribute to certification through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

Every product manufactured by Crossville has received the FloorScore designation. This voluntary certification is an indicator of indoor air quality and is recognized by the LEED program, the EPA’s Tools for Schools, and the Collaborative for High Performing Schools.

Once installed, Crossville tile creates a completely inert floor or wall covering system. It will not emit VOCs, nor will it absorb chemicals or VOCs from surrounding materials.

Crossville tile will not support fungal or microbial growth, is inhospitable to dust mites, and is hypoallergenic.

Learn more about Crossville’s Class Act program here.

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