At Crossville, We’re Not ‘Green’ at Being Green

“It ain’t easy being green…,”  so the line from the song goes.

Certainly, there’s truth to that thought for any manufacturer that commits to environmentally responsible production, practices and procedures.  If a commitment to being green is real, then everyone within a company—in every department—must bear environmental standards in mind in each decision made.

At Crossville, we know firsthand that being green may not be easy, but it is worth every effort.  We live out our commitment to green practices throughout our product development and manufacturing processes and have done so for year.  We were green before green was ‘the thing.’

Did you know?…

Crossville has 5 products with SCS certification for recycled content.

The SCS certification is the accepted standard for product sustainability.  We’ve integrated required standards into the development of five of our most popular lines, ensuring 50% or more of the content within is post consumer recycled.  Several of our products exceed the 50% minimum.

1.  Urban Renewal

2.  Color Blox EC

3.  EcoCycle

4.  Echo Recycled Glass

5.  Empire

All Crossville products have FloorScore certification.

This designation reflects our products’ contribution to healthy indoor air quality. Tile is innately dense and resistant to harboring allergens, yet our products are manufactured to go the extra mile with FloorScore.  You can be assured our products do not have VOCs and have met stringent health-based specifications.  This is essential for LEED project, high performance schools and healthcare environments.

Read all about FloorScore here.

Crossville’s Tile Take-Back program enables the recycling of fired tile.

We have truly led our industry in sustainable innovations.  Our Tile Take-Back program is a premier example.  Before we developed this game-altering recycling procedure, there was little means of giving fired tile new life or keeping it from landfills.  Our proprietary system takes potential fired ceramic and porcelain waste back to a useable powder that can be reintroduced to the manufacturing process.

Read all about the program by visiting our website here.

Stay in touch to discover our ever-growing solutions for sustainability, and share your eco-friendly Crossville installations with us and the industry over on our Facebook page!

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