Crossville Inc. Introduces Smart, Sustainable Solutions: New Sample Kit & Smart Phone App Soon to Launch!

Crossville Inc. is just back from the Greenbuild Expo in Chicago, where thousands of exhibitors and attendees converged to share and discover sustainable building solutions.

Sure, we touted our products with recycled content at the show.  However, most importantly, we took the opportunity to test the waters on two advanced program solutions we’re soon to launch market-wide.  We can’t tell you how satisfying it was to have countless people tell us that what we revealed was among the most innovative, impressive and forward-thinking things they’d seen—at any booth at the show.

Here’s a preview for those of you who missed us at the show:

Sustainable Samples Kit: Imagine EVERY Crossville porcelain tile sample in a box that won’t crowd your desktop and weighs just a few pounds.  It sounds too good to be true, but we’ve done it!  We’ve created accurate representations of every Crossville porcelain color on thick, recycled/recyclable cardstock ‘chips’.  Using industrial, high definition scanning, we captured every tile with detailed authenticity.  This sustainable chip kit  lets designers select colors and create design boards quickly, and it takes up minimal shelf space in the A&D library.  Of course, we’re glad to supply live samples as needed, but this effective color match system enables you to thoroughly narrow your list and request only the top samples you really need.

Smart Phone App: And when you’re ready to request those samples, you can do so immediately and fluidly with your smart phone.  Each sample chip has a QR code  (Quick Response code) on back that can be easily scanned with our soon-to-be-released “Q2R”smart phone app. This “Quick to Request, Quick to Respond” app leads you to more product information and the immediate opportunity to request samples through an auto-populated email message.  Additionally, this app lets you build a virtual portfolio of Crossville products that you can revisit at an online account anytime, at your convenience.

Look for these exciting…and immensely practical…innovations to launch early 2011.  We know you’ll benefit from the ease of use, sustainable functionality and resourcefulness of the new sample kit and smart phone app.  We hope these tile industry firsts will inspire others to be more sustainable in their sampling practices.  These are important new ways we can all succeed while being green!

2 thoughts on “Crossville Inc. Introduces Smart, Sustainable Solutions: New Sample Kit & Smart Phone App Soon to Launch!

  1. The Q2R is very cool and I’m glad to see that Crossville is up on the latest technology. I would like to talk with you about this if you would give me a call. 518-495-5380 so I can blog about it. Thanks, Lisbeth

  2. I would love to receive the sample kit as soon as it’s available. I’m a small interior design firm (working out of my home) and the lightweight, small pkg. is wonderful! I don’t have alot of space for my “library” of samples. Thank you! And the smart phone app will be great, I’m sure! Thanks for hopefully leading the rest of the industry towards a more sustainable way.

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