Crossville Q2R: Crossville Inc’s New iPhone App Makes it Quick to Request, Quick to Respond

We’re pleased to introduce our new iPhone app, Crossville Q2R, as part of our Sustainable Samples program.  This mobile app is a versatile QR code reader that enables you to see detailed information about products right on your phone, create your own product portfolio–viewable on the phone or online anytime and request samples immediately.

QR codes are a kind of bar code and an increasingly popular way to add digital content to physical things.  Our Sustainable Samples program is an ideal example.

Rather than print thousands of brochures and distribute countless physical samples into the market, we simply ‘tag’ all the chips in our new Sustainable Samples kit with QR codes.  When you ‘scan’ a QR code with Crossville Q2R, you can immediately view the product web page, request a sample from your phone or share what you’ve scanned by email, Facebook or Twitter.

If you create an account with the app, you’ll also be able to revisit everything you scan by phone via an online account.  You can keep up with all your favorite Crossville products quickly and simply…without over-ordering printed materials or space-consuming samples.

As you begin receiving your Sustainable Samples kits, you’ll really start to see how handy the app can be.  If you see us at a trade show, you can also use the app to collect information on all the latest products you’re most interested in, without needing to carry a single printed piece home with you!

If you’d like to give the app a try now and don’t want to wait for a kit or trade show, just download the app now (search “Crossville Q2R” in the app store), and scan any of these codes below to see how it works.

You can revisit anything you scan via your mobile app online at

We invite your questions anytime; we want this app to be a helpful tool for your product selection process!

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