Crossville Inc. Celebrates 25 Years!

Crossville has just celebrated a quarter century of success. 25 years ago, Crossville opened for business to answer the growing need for superior quality, domestically-made tile with leading edge design. The endeavor that began two and a half decades ago is now a thriving enterprise.

Crossville, Inc. is going stronger than ever. The Crossville brand and reputation is known and trusted in the marketplace. Our innovations continue to pioneer new chapters for our industry, and our standard for excellence in design, supply and service sets the bar. Our people…and our products…are a reflection of the high expectations upon which the company was founded.

We recently held a celebration at our headquarters in Crossville for our employees to mark our 25th year. During that gathering, we took the chance to grab a photo of those in Crossville family who’ve been with us since Day 1.

This image is a reminder that Crossville’s bright future springs from deep roots. Thanks to our dedicated employees—and our longtime customers—for believing in us every step of the way! …Now on to our next 25 years!

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