Crossville Continues Its Commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness

Since 2007, we at Crossville have put action behind our commitment to helping those in our industry impacted by the realities of breast cancer. We donate a portion of all sales of Glass Blox tile to the Common Thread for the Cure. The Common Thread for the Cure, a non-profit organization, offers practical support to the families of those affected by breast cancer in the furnishings industry.

Certainly, we’re all connected by common threads in our industry, and when anyone within our community suffers, we all feel it. By supporting the Common Thread, we’re helping to improve the day-to-day lives of those battling breast cancer and their family members. We’re offering monetary support to fund grants to meet the very real needs of those in our industry, so that they can move forward even when insurance falls short.

As you consider your product selections from Crossville, we hope you’ll give Glass Blox a second look especially during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Not only it is a versatile product line, it shares a common thread with a great purpose.

Glass Blox…

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