Crossville Q2R: A Quick Response, Mobile App & Online Marketing Tool

Crossville Q2R

When we launched our Crossville Q2R mobile app & online marketing tool earlier this year, we did so with the present and future—of your business—in mind.

QR codes are quickly being embraced as an effective bridge between digital and physical marketing opportunities. With QR codes, we can connect in-store merchandising and sample boards, brochures, signage, even print ads and business card, to handy digital information.

However, the Crossville Q2R system takes all this a big step forward. Through our mobile app, users can create personal accounts to track all their scans online as well as within the mobile app, making it very simple to revisit the Crossville information that interests them. At the same time, we can see WHO scans WHAT items, in order to follow up most effectively!

Here’s how it works:

  1. User downloads the Crossville Q2R app to her iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone.
  2. User creates an account (name, email address and postal code) either directly on the app or online at
  3. User logs into app on the phone and scans Crossville codes (or any QR codes; this app reads all QR codes!) in a showroom or at an event or trade show. In the moment, user can view the info, share on Facebook or Twitter and email Crossville for more details.
  4. Later, user logs into her on her computer to see everything she scanned on a roomier screen. She can also share her scans socially through her online account.
Meanwhile, we at Crossville are able to track all this user’s activities in real time, because she’s opted in to create an account. We…and yes, “we” includes YOU…can know who this user is, what products interest her, where she lives and how to get in touch with her. We collect and share this data so you better understand your customers. This is truly “Quick Response” marketing!
Would you like to try some QR codes in your selling environment or at your next event?
✒ Please contact us, and we’ll gladly create trackable QR codes in our Q2R system for your use.
✒ Encourage your customers to scan codes with the Crossville Q2R app so we can capture user-specific insights.
✒ We invite your questions regarding QR code use and mobile marketing solutions for your business. Just as we are focused on developing beautiful new products, we’re also focused on developing innovative selling solutions to help you succeed in the ever-changing market.
✒ If you haven’t already, download our app today to experience it for yourself.
✒ Again, reach out anytime for help creating QR codes, as well as to find tips for use and get insights on how your customers are using Crossville Q2R and smartphones for selecting tile products.

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