7 Days of Structure, Day 2: What Gives Your Project Structure?

We create tile products with the goal of earning important roles in your design projects. Still, we know that tile often ‘performs’ best in supporting roles—providing the right backdrop for the overall style exemplified in a space.

We developed Structure, our latest porcelain line, to be a go-to foundational element—the start of structure—for a nearly endless array of design styles. This is the clean, inspiring canvas you need to begin to bring order…structure…to your project.

Each of Structure’s five colors are purely minimalist, echoing the cool look of concrete and stone. While its overall appeal is completely contemporary and bold, Structure stays within its bounds as an excellent, versatile backdrop—a stage-setter to complement (and never compete!) with your creative vision.

Inspired yet? Join us again soon for Day 3 of 7 Days of Structure, as we share a few more details about this important new line of porcelain tile.

— Power Packs Ship First Week of January 2012 —

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