7 Days of Structure, Day 4: What Gives Your Project Flexibility?

Everyone likes to have options. Crossville is known for creating collections filled with choices, and the soon-to-launch Structure line is no exception. This innovative product offers an array of colors and size options and the versatility to be used inside or our, in contract or residential settings. This broad range of looks and usage truly gives your projects flexibility.

Among the options of Structure, you’ll find 5 Get Planked sizes. Get Planked is our unique capability to provide custom plank sizes for our products. Thus “cutting edge” solutions means you can enjoy plank configurations for Structure or any Crossville tile product.  Plank sizes—lean, modular and immensely versatile—are great for creating custom looks for tile installations.

With Structure’s many options, you can design without constraint, knowing the tile you’re working with can perform and configure to meet your unique needs.

Look for more details and the full Structure reveal coming soon…

– Power Packs Ship First Week of January 2012 –

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