7 Days of Structure, Day 5: What is the Environmentally Friendly Solution?

 Crossville is a company that’s green to the roots. We were founded with a commitment to environmental responsibility and have lived out sustainable practices for all of our 25+ years in business.

As we develop new products, we continue to raise the bar by incorporating as much pre-consumer recycled content as possible. Our soon-to-launch line, Structure, is made with 20% pre-consumer recycled content using manufacturing processes certified by Scientific Certification Systems.

Whether your design projects are residential or contract, it’s essential to select environmentally friendly solutions. Sustainable products are not just a passion for you in the design community; they are priorities for best practices, LEED certification and other hallmarks of the industry. Tile is an innately ecowise surfacing selection, as it is made of natural materials, is very long lasting and promotes better indoor air quality. When made with Crossville’s high standards of manufacturing, reclaiming, reusing and recycling, tile is that much more the right choice for the environment…and for your designed spaces, indoor or out.

We invite you to learn more about our sustainable practices. Visit our website for details on our programs, manufacturing and LEED support.

Look for additional information on the environmentally friendly Structure line, coming soon!

– Power Packs Ship First Week of January 2012 –

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