7 Days of Structure, Day 6: What Gives Your Project an Advantage?

As we all welcome the new year, we at Crossville are preparing to officially launch our new product line, Structure. Power Packs are shipping this week, as a matter of fact! As the market will soon see firsthand, Structure is an important new line that will give your projects an advantage.

Because Structure is crafted of high quality, American-made materials, you have assurance that your projects are in line to be completed on time—and that’s a real advantage. The use of tile in any project is important, as you must plan for product availability, shipping and installation. Likewise, many contract projects demand use of U.S.-made products to save on time and cost, as well as to minimize environmental impact of shipping. Structure hits the mark on all counts.

Founded in Crossville, Tennessee 25+ years ago, Crossville Inc. has always been committed to responsible manufacturing of highest quality porcelain stone tile here in the U.S. Structure certainly stays true to our company’s core values and unwavering commitment to lasting quality.

Look for Day 7 of our 7 Days of Structure coming soon, where we’ll highlight one important design question and share how Structure is the unique answer you’ve been looking for for your projects.  And remember: Power Packs ship this week!



Crafted with high quality, American-made materials available as needed

Readily available supply

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