Crossville’s “Captivate with Color” Series: Red All About It!

Decorating with bold colors—and very subdued ones—takes true art and skill. For example, consider the colors red and pink (we’re writing this post on Valentine’s Day, after all!). Red is typically dramatic, attention-grabbing and dominant. In contrast, pink is often soft, subtle and acquiescent. On either end of the spectrum, these colors could distract or detract from overall design if not used gracefully and in context with other essential elements.

Our latest Pinterest board, Tickled Pink and, Well, Red!,” is a study in the balance of color. From our own tile samples and installations to an array of room scenes and color examples, this board pays homage to red and pink…bold and subdued…done right.

Here are some design truths exemplified in this fun color study.

If you’re all in, go all out! When you commit to dominating a space with color, do so with conviction. We love the unabashed use of our Glass Blox Dazzle Red mosaic tile on this curved wall, for example. The full-on use of color really sets a glamorous tone for the entire space, with no apologies for being dazzingly red!

This is just as true for the hushed tones of pink, as well. When used confidently, even a whispered pastel can be a real head turner. See our Pinterest board for many examples.

Accent the positive. Jolts of color are fun for spicing up spaces. Select signature pieces in the color of choice to accent overall design with favorite hues. See how this clean, modern room gets a beautiful dose of red thanks to a mosaic wrap of Glass Blox Dazzle Red, and observe on our Pinterest board how dominate or reserved colors play well with others when used in accent pillows, upholstery or as supporting roles amidst other materials and looks.

Mix and match to be made in the shades. Explore the many variations of colors to find the perfect shade to blend with your color scheme. Red can dance between gemlike brilliance to smoky, rustic tones, while pink can be shockingly eccentric or preciously quaint. Play with color across the dial to find the intensity and shade that fits the look you’re going for, and mix and match those tones for dimensional, intriguing effects (like this Glass Blox mosaic blend).

Look for more “Captivate with Color'” ideas here on our blog and, of course, on our Pinterest page…coming soon!

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