Introducing Crossville’s Origins Glass Mosaic Collection: Get Into Your Element

As fundamental as earth, intense as fire, essential as water, paramount as air and as      all-encompassing as the universe…Introducing Origins Glass™ by Crossville.

Dress your walls in swirling, iridescent hues, and finally get into your element with our new Origins Glass mosaic wall tile collection.

With consistent colors and hand-cut looks, Origins is a fresh take on manufactured glass tile design. Unlike ever before, glass mosaics hold constant color for sleek, monochromatic styles, gently dappled with varied play of light and shading. Twenty colors, gracefully grouped by the natural elements that inspired them, all but beg to be blended into dazzling mixes to transform walls into works of art.

The five color collections, Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Universe, feature four colorways each,  along with a blended selection. The colors range from light and ethereal to saturated and dramatic, yet all incorporate a hint of iridescence and swirl that makes the line unique.

Origins is made of post-consumer recycled glass. 1″x1″ or 2″x2″ mosaics are face-mounted on 12″x12″ sheets for simple installation and to ensure no setting materials are evident after installation. Additionally, Origins comes in 1″x2″ offset mosaics for creating unique patterns. The pre-mixed blends come in 1″x1″ mosaics on 12″x12″ sheets.

Ready to get into your element? Visit our blog over the next few days to discover Origins’ five sophisticated, inspired color groups. We’ll look at Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Universe over the next five posts, to spark creativity for your next design project.

With every purchase of Origins Glass, Crossville donates to The Common Thread for the Cure, a non-profit organization offering support to families impacted by breast cancer.

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