Color Study: The “Fire” Grouping in Crossville’s Origins Glass Mosaic Collection

Twenty vibrant colors in five inspirational color groupings…  Origins Glass™ by Crossville is a study in the endlessly colorful imagination of nature.

This new product interprets the wide-ranging hues associated with natural elements that surround us everyday, translating them into colors to elevate our everyday spaces.

Today we look at the “Fire” grouping and its four blazing colors.

This color grouping is an homage to fiery elements, with red intensity and ashen hues.

Volcano is vermilion mix, inspired most vigorous flames—molten, ancient, ablaze.

Ash’s textured blend of deep gray tones is a versatile, foundational colorway.

 Smoke swirls with iridescent reds and soft hints of gray.

Ember Glow is a light-infused melange of ashen hues like the last crackle before fire fades.

The Fire blend is textured collection of crimson and slate tones, alight with rich color and shadowy details dancing with iridescence.

Look for another dazzling color study of our new Origins line coming very soon, and be sure to like us on Facebook to see all the Origins updates as they happen.

Origins is made with 30% post-consumer recycled material.

With every purchase of Origins Glass, Crossville donates to The Common Thread for the Cure, a non-profit organization offering support to families impacted by breast cancer.

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