Crossville Tile is Tough Enough for UFC® Gym™ in Torrance, California

Crossville is the Ultimate Flooring for
the Ultimate Fighting Championship® Gym™.

Crossville's Bluestone tile floors gym users every time they enter.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the standard bearer in the sport of mixed martial arts and one of the fastest growing sports organizations on the planet. With a phenomenal fan base that loves to participate as much as they love to spectate, it was only natural that UFC expand its brand to offer access to premiere gyms to get the ultimate work-out. UFC Gyms, created in alliance with New Evolution Ventures™(NeV), are superior fitness facilities with exercise options for everyone, from amateurs to pros.

When it came time to select flooring for the UFC Gym Torrance, the team from Tanka + Riley Architects knew they had to solutions that could really take a work-out. UFC Gym floors take extremely high traffic from active, intense crowds nearly every hour of every day—no room for lightweights here.

Enter Crossville’s Bluestone, a product that’s as durable as it is beautiful. Tanaka + Riley partnered with Crossville Distributor Longust Distributing to design sophisticated, powerful surfaces of Crossville Bluestone in the Pennsylvania Blue and Colorado Buff colors for select areas of the facility. Bluestone is engineered to perform well in demanding commercial environments. Also, tile is innately simple to maintain long term, making it a champion for UFC Gym.

The locker room areas are decked in Crossville tile, ready to keep looking great even when facing moisture and constant heavy traffic

Crossville’s Bluestone in Pennsylvania Blue gives this space a dramatic look.

Crossville’s Bluestone in Colorado Buff creates a clean, open look for this gym locker room floor and walls.

The UFC Gym Store keeps the facility’s design theme with a checkerboard pattern for its floor, using both Bluestone Pennsylvania Blue and Colorado Buff to create an inviting effect.

Think Crossville’s Bluestone might “work out” for your next project? Get all the details over on our website. This product is manufactured responsibly with a minimum 20% recycled content for lasting performance and style.


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