Extreme Makeover: Crossville Edition



Crossville distributor Casa Mexicana of New Mexico recently performed an extreme makeover on an area of its showroom, taking it from adolescent to urbane. The space, which was utilized as a children’s play area. However, with a fresh palette and Crossville’s Buenos Aires Mood line, the space now exudes a warmth and elegance perfect for coffee and conversation.

A New Look for Spring

The unique woven pattern found on one wall feels 3-dimensional, which is apropos considering the nature of the Buenos Aires Mood series, which is to capture the essence of color and movement.



The designs on the walls, floor and even accent pieces showcase the contemporary colors, all of which are designed to work together or on their own.


 Elegance With Options

Crossville’s Buenos Aires Mood line has five color options ranging from lighter selections like Polo and La Boca to darker, more rich colors like Recoleta and Tango. The texture selections vary as well: textured, polished, unpolished, listello.


Whether planning an elegant entryway, a modern resting space, a washroom, den or kitchen, Crossville’s Buenos Aires Mood delivers an unmatched air of style that makes customizing a space simple for whatever mood you’re looking to create.

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