Under Their Wings: Crossville A&D Reps Erica Rolin and Martha Vega Participate in IIDA’s Mentor Day

Just as Crossville regularly unveils new and exciting products and solutions in tile, so, too, does the design community bring forth new designers who are both eager to learn and filled with ideas. In an effort to capture that excitement, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) hosts Mentor Day each year. This year, Crossville’s A&D representatives Erica Rolin and Martha Vega hosted ‘mentees’ to experience their professional interactions out in the field.


A quick pic at Gensler

During their Mentor Days, Rolin and Vega stopped by a number of larger architectural firms to make new product intros and Cross-Sheen graffiti demos. They visited with very gracious hosts at firms such as Gensler, SAA and Klawiter, who took time to chat and offered tours of their spaces.


At Klawiter

Crossville takes great pride in our long-standing involvement in and commitment to the architectural and design community. We enjoy opportunities like IIDA’s Mentor Day to share our knowledge, experience and wide selection of sustainable solutions and product advancements with students who are just beginning their adventures in design. (Ah, to be young again…)

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