Crossville’s Captivate with Color Series: Hello Yellow

We see the color yellow almost every day—in the sun, a caution signal on a stoplight, even those golden arches we pass on our way to work every morning. Yellow reminds us of happiness and “encourages conversation and stimulates the mental process” (Sensational Color). Just conjure images of the original smiley face or a cool pitcher of lemonade to find this so true.

So it’s no wonder yellow is used throughout homes and public places. Crossville’s porcelain and glass tile lines are punctuated with golden tones and yellow sparks of color.

Whether yellow is interpreted in as crayon box color we might first imagine or in one of nature’s more subdued translations, Crossville’s lines are your source for inspiration as good as gold.

Our “Good as Gold, Mellow as Yellow” Pinterest board displays how yellow can brighten any type of space when incorporated into  furniture, paint and accessories, as well as tile. View the board to brighten your day and discover how tile can add a touch of golden sun to decor.

In this color study, you’ll see hues of yellow highlighting spaces of varying styles.

The gold tinted mosaic tiles create an elegant look. Bright yellow selections help tell a story through visual detail.

Blend a “lemon zest” with a couple other colors and create an atmosphere of freedom, like this Glass Blox Blends.

Say hello to yellow!

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