Crossville Brings Large Format Tile Panels to the U.S. Market

“Laminam by Crossville” Launches Nationwide Through Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Laminam S.p.A.

Crossville, Tenn. – Crossville, Inc. is launching “Laminam by Crossville,” a full line of lean profile, large format porcelain products. This important new offering comes through an exclusive distribution agreement with Italian manufacturer Laminam, a division of Systems Group. Under the agreement, Crossville is the sole source for Laminam’s innovative large unit porcelain panel products throughout the U.S. The distribution agreement is effective immediately, with product availability anticipated in early June.

Laminam by Crossville

Just 3mm thin! Laminam by Crossville for your sophisticated surfaces

“This is a landmark agreement and another example of Crossville’s commitment to meeting the needs of the U.S. market,” states Crossville President John Smith. “We recognized the growing demand for very large format, thinner, so we searched the globe to source the best products that would appeal to the American aesthetic and match the Crossville quality standard.”

Laminam by Crossville products, each selected expressly for the U.S. market, are suited for interior wall installations and may be used on an array of surfaces. The initial offering of 3mm thick fiberglass reinforced porcelain panels will be available in over 50 items. As Smith explains, the extremely lean profile of these reinforced panels results in durability, versatility and “unparalleled technical performance.”

“These products are game changers,” Smith continues. “The colors and styles of Laminam by Crossville are right for the American market. These thin but extremely durable large panels are very simple to work with and install and will invite innovative field applications. Architects and interior designers should really have fun exercising their creativity in new and unique ways.”

Crossville’s logistics and Laminam’s leadership in production and technology will ensure ready availability for American specifiers. As Smith states, the partnership with Laminam reflects “true synergy and smart international procurement” to “not just meet but lead” domestic demand for the most cutting edge products available globally.

Laminam’s CEO, Alberto Selmi, concurs.

“Crossville’s commitment to quality, excellent logistics team and established relationship with the A&D community make this partnership truly ideal. We are excited for Laminam by Crossville to launch in the U.S. market,” shares Selmi.

For details on the Laminam by Crossville products, visit

About Crossville, Inc.

Crossville, Inc. manufactures award-winning Porcelain Stone® and Design Solutions™ tile, as well as Natural Stone Collections for both residential and contract applications. The company offers Laminam By Crossville large format, thin slab tile through an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Systems Group’s Laminam division. Known for leading innovation, Crossville is a company of “firsts” for the U.S. tile industry:  first to produce large format (24″x24″) tile on site, first to manufacture tile with certified recycled content, first to develop the Tile Take-Back™ Program for recycling fired porcelain tile and first to achieve certification of its waste recycling programs and become a net consumer of waste. For more information on Crossville, visit

About Laminam S.p.A.

Laminam S.p.A. is the world leader in the manufacturing of large format, lean profile ceramic surfacing products. A consolidated division of Systems Group, the company utilizes an advanced, fully automated production process to create a large and thin ceramic and porcelain slab products available worldwide. Through an exclusive agreement with Crossville, Inc., Laminam’s products are sold in the United States as “Laminam by Crossville.”

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