Crossville’s Captivate with Color Series: Meet Greige

Meet Greige – the new neutral for modern design. 

If greige is new to your vocabulary, prepare to fall in love. In the dictionary, greige is defined as ‘unfinished,’ often in reference to textiles. In the designer’s lexicon, greige is a color palette that resides in the realm between beige and gray to create versatile looks that pay homage to the unfinished in complete, detailed style.

Think of it…  Beige is an old friend that brings out warm tones and accentuates any texture with subtlety. Gray is a clean, sleek color option—a contemporary, foundational tone. Blend these two hues together, and the possibilities are endless.

Greige presents the potential for sleek, crisp designs in a traditional home or beautiful backdrops for eccentric, dramatic accents.

Offering versatility and warmth, greige dresses up or down depending on your personal design palette. You don’t have to permanently commit to bright tones in order to lighten up a room – select a shade of greige and let your accents do the talking.

Read to go greige? Crossville’s Shades by Crossville is a great option, capturing that beautiful blend that’s a little bit beige, a little bit gray and wholly beautiful by design.

 Get more greige inspiration over on our Pinterest board.                                               Click here for the beautiful views.

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