Crossville at NeoCon – Tile Trends, Tweeting with Friends, Messaging Blends

This week, we’re at NeoCon, the premiere event for the commercial design industry. Here at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago, it’s floor-on-top-of-floor of new, innovative options for elevating public spaces.

Crossville is certainly honored to be among those exhibiting. We’ve brought our latest products, some fun new messaging and lots of industry interactions with us to make our mark. Whether you’re among the attendees or observing from afar, we want to be sure you’re in on the highlights from our booth (#8-9086 & 8-9090) at the show.


Minimalist, Urban Looks Inspired by Nature:  Often minimalist styles in porcelain tile
hearken to cityscapes and modern, techno influences. However, Crossville is proving that looks can be truly urban and minimal yet inspired by natural elements.

In the new porcelain collection, Shades By Crossville, you’ll find contemporary, sleek looks that echo back to very natural influences. The line features nine colors—6 shades of gray, 2 white tones and a not-quite-black—each with rather uniform, linear striation. In some colors, the subtle lines mimic birch bark or windswept sands and in others, morning frost.

The overall effect is sophisticated, gracious, clean-lined—and in complete harmony with authentic, earthen elements.

Thin is In! Welcoming the Porcelain Panel (Large Format, Thin Tile) Movement:  Crossville has moved boldly to the front of the burgeoning movement toward large format, thin profile porcelain panels. The European and global markets have been using these striking, versatile panels for a while, and there’s been an undercurrent of interest in the U.S. with steadily growing demand. Designers love the possibilities these panels offer, and Crossville is now ready to supply in a big way.

Crossville has just announced the introduction of Laminam by Crossville, a complete collection (50+ offerings in the line) of 3’x9’ designer panels that are only 3 millimeters thick. This new product line will be shown for the first time for Crossville at Neocon 2012 and moves Crossville into entirely new surfacing possibilities.

At just 3 mm in thickness, these panels are great for wall applications (including curved walls) and surfacing for cabinetry, custom furniture and counters in commercial settings. They’re extremely durable yet incredibly lightweight and feature a range of looks from metallic and sleek to clean and subdued.

Crossville’s new Laminam by Crossville is stocked and ready to ship here in the U.S., making porcelain panels a solid option for the American market.

Gray Matters:   The color gray is enjoying a resurgence. Designers are loving how warm and elegant gray can be, in addition to the more expected cool tones. Crossville has certainly responded with the new Shades of Crossville line. Six of Shades’ nine colors are interpretations of gray running the gamut from cool to warm with subtle undertones to round out the hues.

Though there is a trend to gray, it’s also a perpetually classic favorite, so these shades are here to stay.


Tuesday evening, just after the show closes, we’re excited to be sponsor and host for a live TweetChat for the popular #IntDesignerChat! We’re gathering with top Tweeters at the House of Blues at 5 p.m. to tweet live…in a virtual discussion of trends in materials as seen at NeoCon. We’ll be sharing insights from the show with our fellow Twitter design friends so that everyone can get the scoop the latest and greatest in the world of commercial interiors. Get even more details over on the Interior Designer Chat blog by clicking here.


In advance of this trade show, we have recently unveiled a beautiful new ad campaign that pays homage to our uniquely American roots as a brand, as maker of products and as a corporation. The “Distinctly American” campaign is presently running in select design trade publications, sharing the power of American design and telling the story of our products.

One of our ads even features our innovative development of tile for the historic renovation of bathroom facilities in the Chicago Federal Building, a tale that’s soon to earn mentions in national magazines because of its intrigue and inspiration for sustainable design.

Look for “Distinctly American, Uniquely Crossville” in a magazine near you!


Here’s a fun offer for the press that will help to keep them going at the show.

Hope to see you at NeoCon in Chicago!

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