We’re Talking American Design! #AmericanDesign Twitter Chat July 5th at 6 pm Eastern

It all started with a simple question we posed to the design community via our @crossvilleinc Twitter account.

“What word comes to mind when you think American Design?”

The outpouring of response was phenomenal. Interior designers, architects and media types from far and wide chimed in, tweeting their often impassioned replies and taking off on conversational tangents that were exciting and intriguing. Clearly, we struck a chord!

As a matter of fact, the conversation grew so much that we’re now hosting a live Twitter Chat on the topic: #AmericanDesign. Mark your calendar now to follow our hour-long bantering on this topic that resonates with so many: July 5th at 6 p.m. Eastern.

It’s going to be a great exchange, especially thanks to the unique collection of folks who’ve stepped up to lead the chatter.

– Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo of ABCD Designs & #DesignTV fame – @abcddesigns

– Jonathan Legate of Legate Interior Consultation and #DesignTV fame (and our Canadian contributor for the conversation!) – @jonathanlegate

– Scott Procops of The New Traditionalists,  furniture “made here, made well” – @ceo_thenewtrad

– and, of course, us—Crossville, Inc. – @crossvilleinc

New to Twitter chats? Here’s how to participate:

1. Be sure you have a Twitter account. This is essential if you wish to participate by posting comments and replies.

**NOTE** If you don’t have a Twitter but wish to observe, you can follow the instruction #2 below to keep up with the ‘conversation’ without signing up.

2. Go to http://tweetchat.com/room/AmericanDesign. This will capture all ‘tweets’ that people post related to our topic.

3. Sign into TweetChat to post directly from this page. You will be asked to ‘allow’ this app to connect to your Twitter account; click that you agree, and you’ll be off and running!

In advance of the big chat, check out our “American Design: In Your Own Words” Pinterest Board. These images are a collection of the word and phrases people shared in response to the simple question that launched this whole, exciting conversation.

p.s. – Do you have a word you’d like to contribute? Message us over at @crossvilleinc and include #AmericanDesign!

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