The Tile Market is On the Grow: Insights from Crossville’s Chairman Emeritus

The tile market is on the rise in the United States, according to a recent report by John Baugh at Stifel Nicolaus. Svend Hovmand, Chairman Emeritus of Crossville, Inc., has some insight on what’s sparking this double-digit increase during an interview with

Tile already tops the market in Europe, South America and other countries. The ever-increasing rise of popularity in the US is naturally occurring thanks to several key factors.

Tile is versatile. Today’s remodeling market is relatively strong. Tile is a premium material selection that fits into remodeling budgets to provide the versatile, high-end style and durability today’s consumers demand.

Tile is evolving in style and appearance. Tile of today is more beautiful and authentic than ever before. Thanks to advancing technologies, the looks and colors that can be achieved are immense, offering fresh new options for a range of styles.

Tile is green. Sometimes industry pros joke that tile is “burnt dirt,” and truly, it is a material made of clay, fire and water—all natural elements that can last a lifetime in many applications. Now more than ever, tile manufacturing processes are very environmentally friendly. Crossville has even developed solutions for recycling fired porcelain tile, taking tile to a new level of “green.”

Tile is easy to maintain and durable. Compared to other flooring types (carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring), tile is very low maintenance and can last a lifetime with proper installation and care. It can even outperform natural stone. This enduring quality makes tile a wise investment for the long term.

Hovmand also mentions that the commercial tile market’s growth is one of Crossville’s main focuses. Larger tile is becoming a trending material in the commercial sector, and architects and designers are drawn to its sleek look. With all of the customization options, architects and designers are increasingly using tile on floors and walls and in rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms.

Learn more about Crossville’s sustainable processes and design practices, and discover the latest porcelain tile products at

One thought on “The Tile Market is On the Grow: Insights from Crossville’s Chairman Emeritus

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    Tile is outpacing the growth of alternative products in the floor covering industry. This interview with the ‘godfather of ceramic tile in the US’ gives some insight into the attributes that are sending tile to the top of the list for remodeling and commercial concerns: versatility, style, ‘green’ attributes, durability, and ease of maintenance.

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