Falling for Fall Colors: Crossville Looks at Pantone’s Bright Chartreuse

Pantone’s Bright Chartreuse

Bright Chartreuse is Pantone’s next colorful curve ball for fall. This neon cousin to green and yellow pays bold homage to popular styles from the 1980s (word is the shoulder pads and big hair are also making a comeback these days). This head-turning hue is a jolt of excitement for any fashionable era.

Bright Chartreuse injects fun into fashion. Mixed in through accessories( like scarves, jewelry, pillows or accent walls), this color adds an exclamation point everywhere it shows up. It pairs happily with other brights  or more subdued tone to make any design scheme truly unique.

Here are a few Crossville looks that hint at the bright side of Chartreuse..

Lime Shimmer: Crossville’s Glass Blox

Crossville’s Limeade

Color by Numbers: Crossville’s Eleventh Hour

A perfect Bright Chartreuse accessory in the bathroom

A little Modern Mythology could use some Chartreuse spin

Go a little crazy with Bright Chartreuse, Pink Flambe and Tangerine Tango

Chartreuse on the softer side

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