Traditional Home’s Napa Valley Showhouse 2014 Features Crossville Tile Collections

Screenshot 2014-10-27 08.29.19Crossville Inc. is once again honored to be a sponsor and product supplier for the Traditional Home Napa Valley Showhouse. This year’s home, located on the 12-acre Caldwell Vineyard in the heart of Coombsville’s ancient volcanic caldera, boasts a nearly 140 year history. The previous renovation of this estate took place forty years ago, so it was certainly time for a modern update. Thanks to the vision of Traditional Home and a team of talented interior designers, the Caldwell Vineyard house is once again transformed, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Our products are featured in the master and guest bathrooms, as well as the powder room of the main house.


Designers Leslie Kalish and Gayle Leksan created the Master Bath with inspiration from the Caldwells’ classic style and commitment to the history of the property and its architecture. They chose our Reclamation Collection in Steel City for both floors and shower walls, incorporating its spirit of reclaimed materials—a mix of wood and concrete looks blended into an urban glam style that’s both versatile and modern with a hint of nostalgia.

_MG_4759-3611994232-O TH.MH.MainBath.1339TH.MH.MainBath.1348GUEST BATH RENOVATION BY HARMONIOUS LIVING BY TISH MILLS                         Tish Mills of Harmonious Living designed the Guest Bath, selecting our Savoy Collection for the shower wall—creating a fresh take on perpetually popular subway-tile look. She also chose the stylish Virtue Collection for floors. This collection captures the authentic look of marble, yet outperforms the real thing thanks to its strong porcelain tile body. Also, Virtue comes standard with Hydrotect™ coating, providing antimicrobial surface technology for a cleaner, greener installation..


Guest3Guest4POWDER ROOM BY LAUREN TAPPER                                                                      Lauren Tapper designed the Powder Room of the main house featuring the SpeakEasy Collection in Zoot Suit, providing the appearance and feel of true American hardwood translated in the superior performance of Porcelain Stone®.


About the Showhouse:
The Traditional Home Napa Valley Showhouse is open through November 16, 2014.
Tuesday–Sunday 10:30am –5:00pm (Closed on Mondays)
Caldwell Vineyard, 169 Kreuzer Lane, Napa, California

For information and to purchase wine tasting/tour tickets:

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Crossville Trend Spotting: Neon is Back!

Neon is back!Have you heard?

Neon is back!The interior design world is embracing neon – thanks in part to the fashion designers, like Oscar de la Renta and Christopher Kane. Flattering neon colors are making new waves in the market, everywhere from the runway to the streets of just about any urban metropolis.

Unlike a subdued, neutral palette that complements just about any accessory, neon is chic, daring, and energetic. These colors have personalities all their own, embrace  individuality, and demand attention.


This runway fashion trend is now cross-pollinating in the interior design world – and we are more than happy to welcome it, as we’ve long been a colorful leader in the porcelain tile industry. We’ve long been known for our colorful collections. With our range of options, we’re on the ready to answer the neon trend with hues that are bold and bright.

Color by Numbers

Our popular Color by Numbers collection speaks to the neon trend with its spirited, daring color options. This line was created to show off enduringly eye-catching, pure-color infused interior wall tiles. Saturated with rich and playful colors, Color by Numbers makes a bold statement.

Color by NumbersLike neon in the fashion world, this collection isn’t afraid to garner attention. This may not be for everyone… But if you find yourself drawn to a spunky Carbon 14 red or an eye-popping Fifteen Minutes of Fame yellow, you may be more in tune with the neon trend than you think! And we’re here and ready to supply your colorful surfacing solutions.

What’s life without a little neon, anyway? Get more bright ideas over on our Pinterest board!

Crossville Trend Alert: Warm Metallics Are In (and Copper is a Topper!)



Sideview Glass by Crossville

Look around the world of interior design, and you’ll see warm metallics are still on the up and up. From the soft, luminescent glow of aged brass to the brilliant, deep hues of copper, these opulent accents add sophistication to spaces with unabashed style. Product specifiers for commercial and residential interiors are drawn to the bling of these metallic hues; the looks are dazzling, welcoming, and a great answer to our penchant for “shiny things.”

Copper has joined the ranks proving it has the mettle to enhance designs as much as the long popular silver, gold, stainless steel, and even the more recently popular-again brass. Our Sideview glass mosaic collection is a prime example of the appeal of light-capturing metallic looks, including the daring copper hue.

Sideview Glass by CrossvilleWe were sure to develop a luxurious copper mosaic glass tile to be the right addition to the Sideview Glass collection. This line is anchored on its beveling that catches and refracts light while offering a brilliant sheen of rich color to give interior designs eye-catching accents.

Copper accentsWhether you find yourself drawn to copper, gold, or bronze, these warm metals for homes or commercial spaces are not only on trend now but show no signs of fading. Include small accents, like faucets and lamps, or add decorative elements, like vases or these fashionable desk accessories, to already established spaces for a fashionable nod to the brilliant luxury.

For more information on our Sideview Glass collection, click here. Don’t forget to take a peek at our Pinterest board dedicated to these luxurious warm metals, too!

Featuring Designers of The Christopher Kennedy Compound

In honor of our feature in LUXE Magazine for our participation in The Christopher Kennedy Compound, we’re highlighting the designers who brought their rooms to life with the addition of our Crossville collections!

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy Compound

First up is the powder room by Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey. Tamara tells LUXE she viewed the powder room as an opportunity to create “a magical little space that’s fun yet sophisticated.” We think she hit the nail on the head. We can’t get enough of this space, which comes to life with a vivacious, youthful design and an emphasis on reflective surfaces that spark a certain liveliness that speaks to the mid-century atmosphere.

You can find Tamara at or by visiting her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy Compound

Thomas Lavin designed a peaceful and masculine guest bedroom in the show home. With clean lines and a soothing, neutral color palette, this room feels not only grounded, but welcoming. Shades by Crossville covers the floor, which is topped by a Peruvian rug to add a touch of warmth to the room.

For more on Thomas Lavin, visit or his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy Compound
It’s impossible to miss our Origins collection in this bathroom of The Christopher Kennedy Compound, designed by Christopher Kennedy, himself. Kennedy tells LUXE he wanted “to create spaces that uplift you and put a smile on your face.” Between the crisp white accents and peaceful green and blue palette of the bathroom, it’s hard to feel anything but happy in this space!

For more on Christopher Kennedy, check out his website or visit his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy Compound

A calm, desert palette influenced the dining room, designed by Jiun Ho, giving a subtle nod to the Palm Springs topography. We’ve spotted Shades by Crossville on the floor, which complements the primitive yet polished look of this entire space. This is definitely a space designed to gather in with friends.

You can visit Jiun Ho at his website or by visiting his Twitter account.

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy Compound

Dynamic design duo Jaime Rummerfield and Ron Woodson teamed up to create a lush living room in The Christopher Kennedy Compound. Rummerfield says they wanted the space “to reflect the heyday of Palm Springs” and the end result does just that. We’re excited to see Shades by Crossville covering the floor and the same chic desert palette continuing throughout the entirety of the home.

Find more about this design duo at their website You can find Jaime on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and Ron on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well.


Stay tuned to our social media platforms this week (TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest) for more features on The Christopher Kennedy Compound.

Crossville Tile Featured In LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine

The latest LUXE Interiors + Design issue is officially on the newsstands – and you can spot lot of Crossville tile inside!

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy Compound
Back in January, we announced that Crossville tile that would be featured in The Christopher Kennedy Compound at Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California.

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy Compound
For a quick recap, the project is named after its creator, Christopher Kennedy, a Palm Springs interior designer with a knack for combining luxurious modernism with mid-century  architecture. The show house featured the latest and greatest in modern design, including many of our very own Crossville tile collections, and was a centerpiece during this year’s Modernism Week.

We’re happy to announce that LUXE Magazine is featuring The Christopher Kennedy Compound in its latest issue. The 18-page spread is featured in the Los Angeles and Southern California editions (and on the cover, to boot!) and can be purchased at venues across the country. If you pick up a copy, you’ll find a wide array of Crossville tile sprinkled throughout the pages!

We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result of this project. Nearly 4,000 people visited the home in 10 days, with gross ticket sales reaching almost $100,000. Proceeds went to benefit Modernism Week Palm Springs and its efforts to preserve this elegant and stylistic architectural heritage.

We won’t spoil the surprise (although we’re happily scattering images throughout this post!), but this issue of LUXE Magazine isn’t the one you want to miss! To jog your memory on Modernism Week, take a peek at this post from earlier in the year. For specific details on the specific Crossville products featured throughout the house, review this post.

Crossville in The Christopher Kennedy CompoundKeep your eyes on our social media platforms (TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest) throughout the week as we feature different rooms around this fabulous house!

Basalt by Crossville: A Very Special #TileTuesday

This very special #TileTuesday announcement is brought to you by our latest and greatest…

Basalt by CrossvilleBasalt by Crossville

  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Commanding

We are thrilled to announce Basalt by Crossville, a new line of exquisite porcelain stone to our Crossville collections.

Basalt by CrossvilleReminiscent of timeless volcanic stone, Basalt features fine graining, authentic undertones, and the subtle look of crystallized magma for added sophistication. Specifically designed to look like basalt volcanic stone, the collection has calibrated edges that add to the natural look and feel of the product, providing an additional layer of texture and character.

Simultaneously beautiful and simple, Basalt comes in five colors — Silica, Caldera, Bedrock, Mafic, and Magma — and two modular sizes — 12×24 and 12×12.

Basalt by CrossvilleThe dramatic warm and cool tones make it a suitable candidate for a multitude of color palettes and design styles.

Basalt by CrossvilleCheck out the Basalt video here for even more inspiration and information on this rocking new surface material!

For further information on Basalt, visit our website.

Happy #TileTuesday! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful week.

#TileTuesday Feature: Using Mosaic Tile at Home

Crossville's Ebb & Flow

Mosaics open the door to immense design possibilities. These exquisite tiles, though small in physical dimensions, let homeowners dream bigger than ever. Mosaic tiles add depth, texture, color, richness – and unparalleled custom options – to any space they’re a part of.

With that in mind, we’re offering some friendly words of wisdom regarding selecting and using mosaics at home for this week’s #TileTuesday!

Once you’ve given into the allure of mosaics – and trust us, they will charm you – the next step is to decide whether you want your space to be soft and subtle or bold and daring.

If you lean more towards the beauty of the understated, then select colors in pale, muted tones. Neutrals, light blues and greens create serene, luminescent environments. Below our Ebb and Flow collection creates a fresh, inspired look.

Crossville's Ebb & FlowAnother option is to sprinkle pops of color across an otherwise neutral background. Installing white or cream porcelain across the majority of the space and dropping in hints of complementary mosaics will allow you to experience the best of both worlds. Our Crossville Mosaics provides the right mix to accomplish this look.

Crossville MosaicsOn the other hand, if you’re of the “all or nothing” mentality, don’t shy away from color. Pick a color that will complement your room’s palette and go big or go home! A strong installation of colorful mosaics makes a wonderful centerpiece and talking point for visitors. Turn to our Glass Blox for an exciting range of hues.

Crossville's Glass Blox

Crossville's Glass BloxBeyond the selection of style and color palette, you also have sizes to consider. Mosaics are offered in a mix of sizes options, inviting custom configurations. Small squares, brick patterns, a blend of varied sizes – the range of choices are a  fun way to spice up your design with dramatic focal points or beautiful backdrops that envelop your space in stunning shimmer and color.

Crossville's Glass BloxFor the ultimate show-stopper in mosaics, consider reflective glass tiles that will catch the light and add sparkle to your space. You can add these subtly, for a hint of glamour. Below, touches of our Sideview glass collection enhance this kitchen area as the ideal accessory for the overall look.

Crossville's Sideview GlassOr you can really create a statement by installing glass mosaics en masse. You really can’t get much more bold and dauntless than this look with our Sideview collection! In this design the bling of the glass mosaics is balanced with the subtlety of our Reclamation collection on the floor. These tiles blend beautifully into this design and help accent the greatest elements of the space: the large walk-in shower, and crisp white trim and cabinetry.

Crossville's Sideview GlassMosaics offer designers and homeowners alike a diverse playground of opportunity. Whether you want to go subtle or bold, traditional or modern, serene or loud, mosaics can open up the door to reimagine your home.

For more information on Crossville mosaics, be sure to check out our weekly #MosaicMonday posts on Facebook and Twitter.