Crossville Unveils Reboot of Color By Numbers Wall Tile Collection

Have you heard the news? Our beloved Color By Numbers wall tile collection has relaunched with a refreshed 16-color palette featuring four NEW gorgeous, versatile hues that we know you can use!

Crossville color by numbers wall tile

crossville color by numbers wall tile new huesThe new colors are
* 19th Hole, a vibrant orange (available in gloss finish),
* 20-20 Vision, a deep, true purple (available in gloss finish),
* Edge of 17, a beige-toned neutral (offered in satin and gloss finishes), and
* 1812 Overture, a neutral of the gray scale (offered in satin and gloss finishes).

The hues join a dozen other brights and neutrals to round out the palette of 16 on trend colors.

Get all the product details on our website…and get colorful with your designs!

crossville color by numbers wall tile

A Laminam by Crossville Case Study – Three Texas Schools Get a Cool Makeover

Laminam by Crossville Makes the Grade in Three Amarillo, TX High Schools

Picture the world of 30 years ago – the mid-1980s in all its glory, and you have a good idea of the look and feel that students of three Amarillo-area high schools had been surrounded by in their cafeterias until recent updates were made. The last time the kitchens and cafeterias of Amarillo High, Cap Rock High, and Palo Duro High were renovated, movies such as Sixteen Candles, The Karate Kid, and Ghostbusters were just hitting theaters, the world saw the first Apple Macintosh computer, and Michael Jackson’s album Thriller sat atop the charts.

Laminam by Crossville transforms Texas High Schools In Need of Updates

Suffice to say, by 2014, it was time for fresh looks and new materials to bring the school facilities into the present day. Answering the needs of the schools today and knowing that it may be a very long while before future renovations would be considered, the design team prioritized the selection of leading edge materials that are extremely durable and will look good for many years to come. They turned to Crossville’s large format Laminam porcelain tile panels to achieve an up-to-date, clean look that would also offer long-term durability and style.

The Laminam collection, with its large array of styles and abundant hues, was a great choice for creating looks and color palettes unique to each school. To incorporate Amarillo High’s school colors of gold and black, the designers specified Laminam Collection in Fumo, I Naturali in Ossidiana V Scura, and Filo in Rame. Palo Duro High’s blue, white and silver color scheme was interpreted with Notte, Blends in Avorio, and I Naturali in Ossidiana V Grigia. Caprock High received a warm neutral palette of Laminam’s Collection in Avorio, Blends in Noce, and Filo in Oro.

The design team said they were going for a clean look, and the large porcelain tiles panels filled the bill. As an added bonus, Laminam by Crossville products with their generous outer dimensions (measured in feet, not inches) require fewer grout joints in installation, supporting simplified cleaning and long term maintenance for the kitchen staff. Another appealing feature of the Laminam 3+ panels was the fiberglass backing that offers an extra layer of durability. And as for the longevity of the look, the designers were confident that the colors, durability, and size of the Laminam panels will be ‘on trend’ for years to come.

KZP_6805 (1) KZP_6895a KZP_6926 KZP_7089a1 KZP_6988 KZP_6994

Project Participants:

  • Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini (Albuquerque & Las Cruces, NM; Amarillo, TX; Phoenix, AZ)
  • Lead Architect: Barry Taylor
  • Interior Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatin
  • Lead Interior Architects: Kelli Henson and Jess Westhoff
  • General Contractor: A&S General Contractors (Amarillo, TX)
  • Tile Sub: A-1 Flooring (Amarillo, TX)
  • Distributer: Design Materials, Inc.(Albuquerque, NM)

View the full case study on our website by clicking here.

Crossville at Interior Design Futuregreen Hospitality Forum – Guest Blog by Heidi Vassalotti

Crossville at Interior Design Futuregreen ForumInterior Design Futuregreen Hospitality Forum is an annual event produced by Interior Design Magazine. It’s a one-day, intensive forum focusing on a single goal: envisioning sustainable hospitality’s future. Futuregreen brings together thought leaders from a range of disciplines and perspectives. Designers, brands, owners, and manufacturers gather to share ideas and work together with the mission of leading the hospitality industry to positively impact the environment and society.

Crossville's Heidi Vassalotti at IDFuturegreen

Heidi Vassalotti, LEED® AP ID+C

Crossville served as a sponsor for this year’s Futuregreen forum, and our own Heidi Vassalotti, LEED® AP ID+C, Strategic Accounts division, attended as representative of Crossville in this exclusive, high-level gathering. Here’s Heidi’s firsthand take on the event.

Guest Post by Heidi Vassalotti, LEED® AP ID+C – Crossville Strategic Accounts

“I recently had the honor to participate in the Interior Design Futuregreen Hospitality Forum, an extraordinary think tank event. Crossville was one the few elite sponsors. I personally had some trepidation in attending on behalf of Crossville – not knowing what was in store, but it turned out to be a phenomenal experience. The attendees, a diverse group of architects, designers, hoteliers, and suppliers, arrived at Interior Design Magazine’s NYC headquarters in the Time Life Building, were greeted with brief introductions, and then shuffled into the awe-inspiring Material Connexion Library. The Material Connexion Library is a global material library of the world’s most advanced, innovative, and sustainable materials and processes. We were tasked with selecting materials that spoke to us and use it as part of our individual introductions – very fun!

Over the course of the next several hours, we were broken out into groups and participated in 3 sessions. Each session began with an introduction of innovative products not necessarily in use in current construction and continued with a challenge to flesh out ideas for potential uses of these materials in the hospitality industry.

Here are a few intriguing examples of the innovative materials we experienced at Futuregreen.

  • a mushroom that grows without light within a week and can make a durable, hard surface material that is biodegradable
  • an extremely strong skin-like material that is not moisture penetrable but allows air transfer and is made from fermented tea leaves
  • a facing material made of organic material that changes its state to achieve optimal temperature equilibrium.

Process discussions were as equally riveting as material reviews. In addition to discussion of biomimicry, the conversation was elevated to include how the built environment can be one with nature and change in the same manner as the seasons.

 Photography by Erik Bardin/

The event climaxed with each group formulating their top ideas into cohesive pitches for future green hospitality concepts. Two judging panels, a peer group and a group of board members, voted independently on the ideas presented. I’m delighted to say my group was awarded both the People’s Choice and Futuregreen honors!

Crossville at IDFuturegreen

Margaret McMahon of Wimberly Interiors, Myrna Ulerio of Lefroy Brooks, Nancie Min of Clodagh, Ximena Hoyos of CetraRuddy, Maider Irastorza of Material ConneXion, Mary MacDonald of MACCI Design Studio, Steve Oakley of Stonehill & Taylor Architects, Heidi Vassalotti of Crossville, and Ilene Shaw of Shaw & Co. Productions. Photography by Erik Bardin/

Hats off to Interior Design for putting together this amazing event, it’s this sort of awareness and exposure to sustainable technology that will perpetuate innovation in sustainable design above and beyond conventional metrics.”

A #TileTuesday Special: Introducing Gotham Porcelain Tile Collection by Crossville

The gritty. The glamorous. The urban. The elegant.

Crossville Intros Gotham porcelain tile

We’re pleased to introduce Gotham, a stunning new collection from Crossville.

Gotham tile by Crossville

Inspired by the shadowy imagery of cityscapes at twilight, Gotham porcelain tile collection pays fitting homage to its namesake with a range of urban foundational hues and sleek, functional sizes that harken to the look of stained concrete.

Crossville introduces Gotham porcelain tile

Masking its true porcelain tile identity with the subtle striations, aggregate finishes, and lived-in colorations of concrete, this glamorously gritty collection is a city-lover’s hero. Wall-to-wall, room-to-room, cement your cosmopolitan style with a streetwise look that takes modern minimalism to skyscraping new heights.

Gotham porcelain tile by crossville

Gotham by Crossville colorsThanks to advanced manufacturing technology, we’ve brought amazing looks to life. Each of Gotham’s six colors—Lamp Post, Penthouse, Clock Tower, Main Line, Dockside, and Pavement—has its own unique feel. The two calibrated field tile sizes, the generously proportioned 12”x24” and the versatile 2”x6”, may be enhanced with a 4”x24” bullnose trim and a 6”x12” covebase for fully finished installations.

As a calibrated product, Gotham is an excellent choice for value-conscious design projects. This line is launching in the wake of the success of our other calibrated lines, Ready to Wear and Basalt. It’s another great option that answers the market’s need for uncompromising style at value-oriented price points.

Gotham is recommended for interior floors, walls, countertops, and exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications. It is not recommended for exterior horizontal surfaces or exterior paving. Full installation recommendations may be found online and on product literature.

In keeping with all products produced at our U.S. manufacturing facilities, Gotham is made using third-party certified, sustainable processes, is Green Squared certified, and contains a minimum 4% recycled content.

Get full product details on the Gotham product page on our website.

Gotham porcelain tile by crossville

Crossville Celebrates the Tile Backsplash


The purpose of the humble backsplash was once purely functional; tiled areas behind stoves and sinks in the kitchen and vanity areas in bathrooms were installed to protect walls from grease, stains, moisture and–what else?–splashes. But with the wide array of tile materials and finishes available today, the once-utilitarian backsplash has also become a design statement and artistic focal point. A perfect way to inject color, pattern, and texture into your kitchen or bath, a beautiful backsplash answers designers’ love of form and function. Here’s a look at some statement-making backsplashes for inspiration.

GLASS TILE BACKSPLASHES: Subtle color variations of translucent glass mosaic tiles offer a rich, shimmery look with light-reflecting sparkle. The effect is a fitting touch for modern settings. Our Glass Blox color options range from gleaming jewel-tones to softly glowing neutrals, and every hue offers eye-catching light and life for backsplashes.

Glass Blox in Blue Haze, Ocean Air, North Sea

Glass Blox mosaics in Blue Haze, Ocean Air and North Sea

This stunning, texture-rich backsplash is composed of our Origins glass tile, earthy Vista Americana porcelain stone and Mixology metal trim for look that’s at once Old-World, and earthy, yet brilliantly modern.

Origins in Wildwood, Mixology in Bronze and and Vista Americana in Plateau

NATURAL STONE BACKSPLASHES: Design trends are embracing textured and tactile materials, and we’re seeing this manifesting in kitchen and bath surfaces, including backsplashes. The rich textures and earthen nuances of this natural stone, split face mosaic with braid border from our Modern Mythology collection provide balance and visual interest.

Modern Mythology  in Labyrinth  and Centaur Braid Border

Modern Mythology in Labyrinth and Centaur Braid Border

METALLIC BACKSPLASHES: Metallic hues are transcending design trends to serve as staples in surfacing styles. The richly faceted metallic hues of our Sideview Glass collection are a great example. The look is bold and glamorous–a reflection (literally) of the more ambitious, adventurous design schemes we’re seeing in both commercial and residential interiors. Here, Sideview Glass is juxtaposed with our elegant, marble-look Virtue porcelain tile collection.

Sideview Glass and Virtue Porcelain Stone

Sideview Glass in Silver and Virtue Porcelain Stone

Exquisitely wrought metal tiles create a visually striking backsplash, enhancing the rich, elegant feel of this handsome bathroom. Sustainably recast cast-metal sculptural pieces from our Mixology collection add hand-crafted style, without the hand-crafted price.

Mixology - Nickel Variegated

Mixology in Nickel Variegated

BEYOND THE BACKSPLASH: To envelope more walls space in tile style, we’re seeing designers extend tile installations beyond the backsplash. Today, tiled areas in kitchens and baths may be taller and wider, becoming the backdrop for the entire room.  Our Color by Numbers collection captures a sophisticated look with lasting appeal. 

Color by Numbers Tea for Two and Listello

Color by Numbers in Tea for Two and Listello

Spanning the entire wall, this backsplash comprised of stone and glass mosaic tiles, is a study in nature. Our Ebb and Flow collection echoes the the complex rhythms of nature with the illusion of three-dimensional patterning rendered in a smooth, “tromp l’oeil” surface.

Ebb and Flow in Flor and Fauna

Ebb and Flow in Flora and Fauna

BATHROOM BACKSPLASHES: Bathrooms are ideal for the performance and appearance of tile. This earthy, yet iridescent backsplash from our Glass Blox collection infuses this bathroom with a soft glow and a sense of serenity.

Glass Blox in Dessert Dawn

Glass Blox in Dessert Dawn

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Crossville Moves with the Groove at NeoCon 2015

Crossville NeoCon 2015 booth 9086 7th floor

For Neocon 2015, we’re unveiling hip and transformational products inspired by the grit and glam of urban spaces. We’re turning the spotlight on new Laminam offerings, an edgy new porcelain tile collection, and—the star of our show—a trend-setting glass tile line that has inspired the creative theme of our NeoCon 2015 booth. In celebration of all that’s new, we’re inviting customers and colleagues joining us in Chicago to “Move with the Groove.”

The “Move with the Groove” campaign and booth design centers around the pending launch of Groove Glass, a new glass tile collection getting its first official reveal this week in Chicago and slated to hit the market later this summer.

Mikeal Jensen of Crossville Our Director of Design Mikeal Jensen gives a little insight on the fun theme for Crossville’s NeoCon 2015 theme.

“We are most excited to share our Move with the Groove campaign with Neocon attendees,” Mikeal shares. “The booth and creative campaign was designed to literally amplify the excitement surrounding Groove Glass in a memorable way worthy of this truly unique tile.”

crossville moves with the groove at neocon 2015


Here’s just how we’re moving with the groove at booth 9086, 7th floor at NeoCon 2015.

  • Gorgeous, adventurous booth design: We’ve interpreted our theme with a bold look for the NeoCon booth space. Pop art graphics enhance the grit and glam of our new product lines to create an ambience that is eye-catching and a stand-out for the show.
  • Crossville Neocon 2015 boothProduct debuts: Booth guests will see, touch, and experience the new Groove Glass collection, Laminam’s I Metalli line, and the Gotham porcelain tile collection, as well. These products will be officially launching in the months to come.
  • sneak peek at crossville groove glass Fun giveaway: To support the Groove Glass campaign, we have specialty branded Eco-Amps available at our booth #9086, 7th Floor. These amps, made of recycled paper, are eco-friendly, fold-together speakers that work with iPhones.
  • crossville move with the groove neoconMove with the Groove playlist: To really inspire folks to move with the groove and give them something to play on those cool Eco-Amps, Crossville’s own Kendell Idema, a 17-year employee currently in the Retail Samples department and a talented, accomplished musician, created original tunes that align with each color in the Groove Glass line. Listen here:
crossville's kendell idea created the move with the groove playlist

Learn more about Kendell in an upcoming blog post

Even if you’re watching all the NeoCon happenings from afar, we invite you to listen in, move with the groove, and keep track of all our social media to see the sights and excitement from the show.

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Crossville Tile in Texas Ale Project :: Tapping Into Great Commercial Design

Crossville Tile in the Texas Ale Project Design

Raise a glass! The phenomenal Crossville tile installation in Texas Ale Project, a popular craft brewery in Dallas’s bustling design district, deserves our cheers. Floors and walls of this urban chic facility are covered in our collections, including gorgeous use of innovative Laminam porcelain tile panels. Texas Ale Project is a prime example of just how sophisticated, visually appealing, and doggedly high performance our products are for commercial environments.

Tile’s role in the Texas Ale Project is quite integral to the overall design. The facility is multi-purpose, housing a laboratory, 30-barrel brewing system, raw material storage, wholesale keg sales, office space, high capacity coolers, and a tasting room, all within 14,500 square feet of new construction near Dallas’ downtown area. Crossville tile provides durable surfacing for high traffic and ‘workhorse’ areas, and it offers a sleek look that veers to industrial in style–enhancing the visual experience of this high functioning brewery. From reception/tasting rooms and bathrooms to manufacturing and brewing spaces, Crossville’s porcelain tile is on the job!

Crossville Tile in Texas Ale Project Dalls Screenshot 2015-06-05 08.17.18

Crossville Tile in Texas Ale Project
Screenshot 2015-06-04 11.48.36

Unlike many multi-use spaces where manufacturing and back of the house operations are hidden from patrons, Texas Ale Project is experiential. The design of the facility ensures the brewing process is in plain sight with full views of the manufacturing floor from the tasting room, appropriately referred to as the “T.A.P. Room,” an abbreviation of the business’ name.

Screenshot 2015-06-04 11.48.47 Screenshot 2015-06-04 11.46.40 Crossville Tile in Texas Ale Project

Staying true to the industrial feel of the space while offering a sophisticated, stylish aesthetic, the team of Dallas-based design firm The Orion Collection turned to us for tile collections to finish the tasting room in the appropriate style. Dark, textural Laminam Oxide 3 Grigio was specified for the T.A.P. room walls, while Laminam Oxide 3 Nero was selected for columnar walls. On the floors, product specifiers opted for Crossville’s Basalt porcelain tile collection in the Bedrock color—a great complement to the Laminam-skinned walls.

The restrooms are also finished with Crossville porcelain. Basalt in Bedrock was specified for use on the floors, and the walls were clad with Basalt in the Caldera color option. Designers brought in Laminam Oxide 3 Grigio for application on the wall of the brewery space that leads to the office area, and Basalt Bedrock porcelain was used on the CEO’s office walls.

Crossville Tile in Texas Ale Project Screenshot 2015-06-04 11.47.06 Screenshot 2015-06-04 11.47.18 Screenshot 2015-06-04 11.47.32 Crossville Tile in Texas Ale Project

The team with The Orion Collection shares that Crossville’s Laminam and Basalt porcelain tile collection hit all the right marks. The Laminam porcelain tile panels, as well as Basalt’s distinctive field tiles, captured the look and rich, urban color palette, and the team liked the novelty of using Laminam, a material that is relatively new to the market, as a match to their client’s innovative style and approach to the otherwise tried and true business of brewing ale.

Project Participants:

  • Distributor: Crossville Tile & Stone
  • Architect: John Carr, P.E.
  • Interior Architect: Shelly Stevens, The Orion Collection (Dallas, Texas)
  • General Contractor: Mitch Campbell
  • Installer: The Tile Gallery (Dallas, TX) & Upgraded Interiors (Dallas, TX)
  • Photos: Marty Perlman
  • Special Thanks: Juliana Gaume, Crossville Architectural Sales Representative

View the full case study and photo gallery on our website by clicking here.