A #TileTuesday Special – 5 Benefits of Porcelain Tile

For centuries, artisans and builders have chosen tile. Today, porcelain tile is quickly rising in the ranks to the number one choice in new home builds and remodels – but do you know why? We could write you a laundry list of reasons why porcelain tile deserves “best in show,” but we’ve managed to whittle our list down to five benefits of porcelain tile that we find most compelling.

Ready to fall in love with porcelain? Let the countdown begin:

Crossville's Color Blox Porcelain CollectionStrength & Durability
Porcelain tile is kiln-fired at a high temperature, which drives out water, and burns out impurities to create an extremely dense nearly non-porous surface that is strong and long-lasting. The density of porcelain combined with its high-breaking strength makes it more durable and better-suited for high traffic areas. For this reason, porcelain serves as a particularly good choice for interior flooring in a home with children and pets! To round out the strength and durability front, porcelain tile is also fire and frost-resistant.

Crossville's Shades Porcelain CollectionEasy Maintenance
As mentioned above, kiln-firing at such high temperatures drives out water, which makes porcelain tile impenetrable to water and stains. Additionally, porcelain easily thrives in extreme temperatures. The surface is highly resistant to scratches because of its strength. Maintaining porcelain is as easy as thoroughly wiping up any messes or spills. Thoroughly rinse off any dirty dish water splashes and dry with a soft cloth or buffing pad to enhance the shine of porcelain tile. In most cases there is no need for polishing, waxing, or sealing porcelain – an added bonus!

Crossville's NOW Porcelain CollectionVersatility
Our favorite benefit of porcelain tile is its versatility. Whether you are on the hunt for large format tiles to create linear, minimalistic spaces, or want to design your own pattern of vibrant and colorful mosaics, porcelain will accommodate you. Porcelain can be glazed or unglazed and is available in a wide spectrum of finishes and textures. The options for patterns and colors make this an excellent design choice for residential and commercial installations alike.

Crossville's Limestone Porcelain CollectionHypoallergenic
Fairly self-explanatory, porcelain tile is hypoallergenic. Again, due to high firing temperatures, porcelain tile is inhospitable to mites, mold, germs, and bacteria. People with allergies or asthma can rest easy in a home with tile flooring – no pet dander or pollen will get caught up in porcelain.

Crossville's SpeakEasy Porcelain Stone CollectionCopycat
Porcelain tile is excellent at mimicking other materials, styles, and finishes. Tile manufacturers have discovered how to create the look of everything from natural stone to wall paper and wood. In fact, porcelain mimicking hardwood flooring can look so much like traditional hardwood flooring it is difficult to spot the difference! Unlike real wood, porcelain tile is not susceptible to moisture damage nor does it exhibit extreme expansion with temperature changes; the surface will stay cool in warm climates and with tile, you can install radiant heating to keep your toes warm in the cooler months. How’s that for impressive?

Crossville's Cotto Americana Porcelain Collection

Laminam by Crossville 5.6 Exceeds Installer Associations’ Stated Requirements

All Laminam by Crossville 5.6 large format porcelain flooring panels are in compliance with the installers’ position statement requiring a minimum 5.5 mm thickness.

Laminam by CrossvilleAs the category of thin, large format porcelain tile is emerging on the U.S. market stage, our industry is rallying to create standards for product use and installation. While TCNA, ANSI, and ISO work to establish product standards for manufacturing that will eventually set the benchmarks by which the quality of materials will be evaluated, others in our industry are stepping up to ensure best use and practices related to these unique products in the interim.

TLaminam by Crossville 5.6 for Floor Installationo that end, the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), Tile Contractors’ Association of America (TCAA) and the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (IUBAC) have come together to offer a shared position statement regarding acceptable thickness for thin, large format porcelain tile panels used in flooring installations.

From the Position Statement Issued in May 2014:

“Due to the lack of standards for these products, the NTCA, TCAA and IUBAC recommend that tile contractors not install thin porcelain tile panels in any thickness less than 5.5 mm for floor installations. It is our assertion that installations of thin porcelain tiles that are no less than 5.5 mm thick may be successfully accomplished in properly prepared floor applications with the proper care and processes.”

This collective declaration is important and welcome news for the industry–and particularly for our Laminam by Crossville brand. All our large format, thin porcelain tile panels for the floor, known as our Laminam 5.6 collection, are 5.6mm–exceeding the stated requirements of NTCA, TCAA and IUBAC. We have always advocated the use of a 5.6mm-thick profile for these panels to ensure the level of high quality, technical performance floor installations demand.

The collective position statement concludes with the following information:

“The tile contractor should be aware that significant training and education is required to successfully install these products and that an investment in tools and equipment is necessary. The manufacturer of the tile and setting materials recommendations should be secured in writing prior to installation and the contractor should follow these instructions carefully or potentially be exposed to increased risk and liability.”

Once again, we’re ahead of the game with our Laminam by Crossville brand. We’re a leader in offering installation training and professional recommendations regarding this new product category. For more than a year, we’ve been leading training workshops across the nation to give installers the knowledge and know-how to work with this tile category effectively. We even offer training tips on our Laminam by Crossville YouTube channel.

Laminam by Crossville in ItalyLaminam by Crossville products are available as wall installations and floor installations. For full information, visit http://laminambycrossville.com.

A #TileTuesday Feature: Which Crossville Kitchen Backsplash is for You?

Which Kitchen Backsplash?
A collection of Crossville options (and ideas!) for your kitchen backsplash.

The most popular and practical material for a backsplash is… you guessed it: tile. A tile backsplash protects your kitchen walls from splashes that result in stains and mold, as well as greasy food splatters that come from cooking over a hot stove. While it’s easy to grasp the reason to have a backsplash, it’s much more difficult to pick a backsplash.

With the endless possibilities and products in today’s market, it can be a challenge to choose a backsplash for your space. Tiles range in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and patterns. While some homeowners lean towards a traditional and classic white subway tiles, others may be more drawn towards colorful mosaics that add a fresh layer of color and light to their space.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a new backsplash (or, if you’re like some of us and just want to browse the eye candy for future renovation ideas!), we’re here to help you. Here are some of our backsplash-worthy collections to spark your imagination.

Crossville Tile Savoy Kitchen BacksplashSavoy
Reminiscent of the iconic tiles favored by 19th-century architects and artisans, Savoy Porcelain Stone® tile replicates the handmade look of yesteryear in colors, shapes and sizes made for advancing modern-day designs. The range of options in this collection invites lots of design creativity and custom styling. The potential looks range from traditional and classic to retro and modern.

Mixology wall tile

Crossville’s Mixology is an exquisitely wrought tile collection made up of cast-metal sculptural pieces that add a truly unique layer of detail to a design. By installing a mosaic of these nostalgic and old-world tiles, you can create a one-of-a-kind space that ups the elegance and grandeur of a traditional kitchen. You can also play with smaller Mixology accents to add a more subtle layer of interest to an industrial or contemporary space.

Crossville's Modern Mythology backsplash tile
Modern Mythology

This natural stone collection offers soft, subtle hues of travertine, the casual warmth of slate, or the polished elegance of black and white marble. A happy combination of days past and things to come, Modern Mythology opens up just about any door you could hope to find. Adding texture to your kitchen space will make otherwise one-dimensional walls spring to life; it may seem like a minor detail, but that extra feature can really tie together an entire room’s look. Create a simple and affordable accent line with these tiles, or design a wall pattern that’s sure to wow your dinner guests!

Crossville's Ebb & Flow tile
Ebb & Flow

If you like something with a little more translucence and reflection, Ebb & Flow may be the backsplash for you. These mosaic wall tiles give the illusion of three-dimensional patterning, creating an allure that’s bound to make your kitchen sparkle. These tiles make for elegant, dramatic statement pieces in large format designs, but can also add a beautiful pop of color and contrast in a neutral kitchen design. Regardless of how you design your space with Ebb & Flow, these tiles guarantee an upgrade in elegance.

Crossville's Limestone Porcelain
Limestone Porcelain

Crossville’s Limestone embraces hues and textures mined from the world’s finest quarries, creating soft earth tones that suit modern and traditional spaces alike. If you lean more towards traditional refinement and have a penchant for patterns, the Limestone collection offers a range of options to upgrade your space. Consider mimicking this square inlay over more subtle and neutral tiles to add a decorative accent to your kitchen walls.

Stainless steel kitchen backsplashStainless Steel
lWhether you take Crossville’s Stainless Steel all the way from the countertops to the base of the cabinetry or create a band just tall enough to keep the walls free from splashes and splatters, stainless steel is an sleek and style-forward choice for just about any kitchen style. A seamless and symmetrical row of stainless steel can create a cohesive atmosphere that resembles a professional and industrial kitchen. Or, take it a step farther by designing a classic mosaic pattern with this modern material to create a sophisticated and luminescent backdrop. The reflective surface of stainless steel changes with the intensity and direction of the light, making it an excellent choice for a kitchen with exposure to large windows or undermount lighting.

For more Crossville products and inspiration, check out our newly redesigned website: crossvilleinc.com.

Keep your eyes open for another #TileTuesday post next week!

Crossville Launches New Website Design

We’re pleased to introduce the new crossvilleinc.com, a site designed to meet the unique needs of professional product specifiers.

Crossville New Website Design LaunchThere’s lots to discover in the freshly pressed website design at http://crossvilleinc.com. To reimagine our site, we first did market research, interviewing many practicing interior designers to find out what they need most from the websites they visit. With their input in hand, we set out to create the most optimized site experience possible.

On the new platform, you’ll find a variety of content and features, including a range of capabilities designed to more aptly meet the needs of the architecture and design community. A clean, crisp layout provides an ideal backdrop for the high resolution photography that has been provided to give your imagination free reign to envision tile products in your space.

Similarly, the reimagined site is compatible with tablets and mobile devices. Convenience was a key factor in the redevelopment; whether you’re looking for exact dimensions of a product or showing your client their options for a project, you can turn to the Crossville site as a nimble source of information and inspiration–at your desk or on the go.

Crossville's Sideview Glass Product PageWhether you’re considering Sideview Glass for a pop of pizazz in a high rise city apartment or you’re on the hunt for a surface that provides the look of authentic, old barn wood without the maintenance of hardwood (see the SpeakEasy collection), this facelift will help to streamline your process.

Crossville Smart Search FeatureWe’ve added an intuitive navigation system that makes browsing the full spectrum of Crossville products easy, quick, and efficient. We want to make the most of your time, which is why the Smart Search feature combs through every tier of our website for you, filtering results by category – products, articles, solutions, and inspirations. Products can be viewed by material, application, or color to enable viewers a succinct and to-the-point online experience.

Order samples easily on crossville's websiteNeed samples? Now it’s more simple than ever. While browsing the site, simply click on the shopping cart icon to place orders for samples of the products you need to receive. This handy option works beautifully on desktop and mobile devices, so you can get what you need on the go.

Gal_Sideview_1_LOBetween the mobile optimization and the enhanced product and installation photography, the natural beauty and elegance of our family of Crossville products is brought to life in high definition. We’ve offered inspirational resources and video compilations, alongside a photo gallery and case studies detailing a number of successful and beautiful installation projects across the country.

Crossville Inspiration Gallery and VideosGearing up for your next project? Dive into our website for a full immersion in our new features and capabilities: http://crossvilleinc.com.

Crossville Heads to Dwell on Design LA 2014

Crossville at Dwell on Design 2014

Crossville Inc. is heading to Dwell on Design LA, which returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center June 20-22, 2014. Curated by the editors of Dwell Magazine, this event features three full days of dynamic exhibitions, cutting-edge technologies, and more than 2,000 innovative modern furnishings and products. We can’t wait to mingle and mix with interior designers and homeowners who’ll be attending “America’s largest design event.” In addition to the the full Dwell on Design schedule, we hope you’ll take note–and be part of–the special events we’re hosting from the show floor at booth 1457.

Live Twitter Chat with #DesignLUX and TOTO USA

Crossville Co-hosts DesignLux Twitter Chat with TOTO

Join us as we co-host #DesignLUX with TOTO USA from the show floor for a live discussion on sustainable, luxury products and how the market is changing to accommodate the best of both worlds. The discussion will be held on Friday, June 20 at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET. If you can’t make the live event, join us online during the event with the hashtag: #DesignLUX.

Cocktail Party with TOTO USA on Friday Afternoon

Crossville Cohosts Dwell Cocktail Party

We’re rounding out our first day at Dwell on Design LA with a cocktail party. Between 4:30 and 6:30 pm on Friday, June 20, we’re partnering with TOTO USA to host a gathering to celebrate great design! We can guarantee there will be plenty to see and plenty to sip, so make plans to stop by Crossville Booth 1457 and TOTO Booth 1447.

Latest Tile Collections

Crossville Booth 1457 at Dwell on Design 2014

Throughout the weekend, we’ll be showcasing our latest collections to spark your imagination. Whether you’re an interior designer or a knowledgeable homeowner, prepare to be inspired by everything from our porcelain Virtue line – now featuring purifying Hydrotect™ antimicrobial surface technology – to our stunning Sideview Glass Series. This is one event you won’t want to miss.

Dwell on Design Show Details

When: June 20-22, 2014
Where: Los Angeles Convention Center
Ticket Information: http://www.dwellondesign.com/registration-pricing
For more information on the event: http://www.dwellondesign.com/

Crossville at Coverings 2014 – Highlights from the Show

Crossville at CoveringsIt’s a wrap for Coverings 2014, and we had a great week! Here are a few highlights from the show.

Naturally Crossville

Crossville Named Supplier of the Year by the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association

Crossville is Supplier of the Year Screenshot 2014-05-02 09.20.08On Tuesday at the show, we received the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA) Supplier of the Year award.  This recognition means a great deal to our team, as the honor is bestowed based on results of a member survey that assesses suppliers’ leadership, marketing, training, technology, communication, policies, and product shipment and support. We are committed to our distributor partnerships and greatly appreciate this recognition.

Crossville Tile in the Design Installation Showcase

Crossville Tile at Coverings Installation Design Showcase

photo 4

Jonathon Anderson, designer of the vignette, being interviewed about the space

photo 2 photo 3Each year, Coverings hosts a live Installation Design Showcase that brings together designers, installers and manufacturers to create vignettes on site at the show. The showcase reveals the best in collaborative design and installation and puts a spotlight on the craftsmanship and expertise that tile installations require. The Crossville vignette, an indoor courtyard, was designed by Jonathon Anderson, UNLV associate professor of architecture, and installed by Heritage Marble Masonry & Tile of Mill Valley, California–using our Laminam by Crossville product. The final result is sophisticated and naturally beautiful!

Crossville Hosts the Kitchen & Bath Tribe Twitter Chat (and Press Tours, Too)

Crossville Hosts Press Tour and  KBTribeChat photo 2 photo 3

On Wednesday during the show, we opened our booth for a live Twitter chat for the       11, 600+-member Kitchen & Bath Tribe Chat community. The Twitter chat happened in person at the booth, in tandem with the online component that brought together people passionate about design from all across the country. For an hour, all participants chatted about tile trends, including many of the exciting products we featured at our booth during the show. In addition to the chat, we also fielded press tours at the booth to ensure the media is in the know about our latest and greatest lines.

Crossville and Customers at Coverings 2014

Thanks to all who dropped by to be part of the show and support Crossville!








Crossville Celebrates Earth Day 2014 By Marking a 40 Million Pound Milestone

Crossville Announces a Total of 40 Million Pounds Spared from Landfills, Used as Recycled Material for New Tile

Crossville's Tile Take-Back

A Tile Take-Back bin at Longust Distributing in California

When we first launched our revolutionary Tile Take-Back® program back in 2009, we never fathomed we’d reach a 40 million pound milestone. Yet here we are today–Earth Day 2014–sharing the exciting news that our proprietary method of recycling fired porcelain has resulted in stopping 40 million pounds of waste from entering landfills.

Since Tile Take-Back’s inception we’ve diverted…

– nearly 18 million pounds of fired scrap produced at our plants,
– more than 300,000 pounds of scrap and post-consumer tile collected through our distribution network and other sources, and
– 20.9 million pounds of scrap porcelain acquired from our TOTO USA partnership 

…away from landfills.

Not only have we diverted that much waste from landfills, but we’ve been able to make great use of that waste to create feedstock for new tile. Today, every tile we manufacture in Crossville, Tennessee contains some percentage of recycled content. Additionally, we actually use more waste in manufacturing than we generate, making us a “net consumer of waste” for three years running.

Crossville Tile Take Back ProgramOne great behind-the-scenes example of how tile is “taken back” from out in the field comes from one of our own team members, Monica Farley with Crossville Architectural Sales in California: 

“I take the small black bins into A&D offices and have them put porcelain tiles that would normally be thrown out and I take them back to Longust Distributing for the Tile Take Back program.”

Monica further explains how the distributor also has a Tile Take-Back pallet by their tile saw and the cut waste is put into that pallet.  And when we discontinue a collection, the Longust team collects the samples for Tile Take-Back. Next our Crossville logistics team coordinates getting the Tile Take-Back pallets on a truck already heading to Crossville, TN. This approach ensures shipping efficiencies that support our green practices. That’s teamwork at it’s best!

Crossville Collects Tile for RecyclingDo you want to be part of our next 40 Million Pounds? Join the revolution by collecting porcelain tile. Learn more about how to participate! Click here to view the Crossville Tile Take-Back program requirements and request form.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!