Join Crossville in the Weekly Celebration of #FridaysFloor

We all know social media is an ultimate source for design inspiration these days. From the fun of Twitter chats (we love participating in the weekly KBTribeChat that brings together those who design kitchens and baths to talk shop, for example) and ongoing Facebook fun to the visual appeal of Pinterest and Instagram, the digital world is spilling over with tile installation ideas every day of the week, 24/7.

To help channel all this stunning content, we at Crossville use hashtags throughout each week to help categorize our shared photos and make them easier to find by those looking for ideas. On just about any social platform, you can search by hashtag to find posts on the topic of interest. And on Fridays, it’s all about #FridaysFloor!

This #FridaysFloor, we’re sharing some favorite floors from our porcelain tile collections with you. Whatever look you’re going for, our collections are well-suited for any room in the home – or commercial space.

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Argent by CrossvilleBold, bright, and colorful, the Argent collection is drenched in deep, rich colors inspired by colors beloved across the country. This playful line of textured colors adds depth and dimension in large installations, as well as a pop of color and visual interest to smaller, residential spaces. The full spectrum is presented with this collection!

Argent by Crossville





Empire by CrossvilleThe Empire collection mirrors the durability of natural stone and the rich elegance that calls to mind images of European royalty. Sleek and luminescent, these tiles catch the light and soften up a space. If it’s a touch of sophistication and refinement you’re searching for, this could very well be the collection for you.

Empire by Crossville



Gotham-by-Crossville-1Inspired by urban settings and the look of concrete, the Gotham collection is designed to be sleek and industrial chic. Its adaptable look and multi-purpose nature make it a top pick for flooring in residential and commercial settings.





Reclamation by CrossvilleThe Reclamation collection combines urban influence with industrial glamor to create a line of porcelain stone that is as versatile as it is beautiful. This collection is created with digital production technology, designed to echo the spirit of reclaimed materials and revitalized spaces. Needless to say, it’s a stunning addition to any space – particularly those on the hunt for a slightly rugged, urban touch for flooring.

Reclamation by Crossville


Wood Impressions

Wood Impressions by CrossvilleOur Wood Impressions collection rivals even the most natural of hardwood floors. This porcelain stone collection offers the beautiful graining of wood with the enhanced strength and durability of stone. It’s difficult to go wrong – and it’s easy to fall in love with these installations!

Wood Impressions by Crossville


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Laminam by Crossville Offers Seamless Style in the Shower

One of the reasons that porcelain tile panels (a relatively young product category often referred to as “thin tile”) is growing in popularity is its ability to provide nearly seamless installations. Because these panels come in extremely large outer dimensions that are Screenshot 2016-03-15 13.50.57measured in feet–not inches yet thicknesses that are just a few millimeters in depth, they cover large amounts of surface area per panel and are extremely versatile. The style they offer, uninterrupted by grout lines, is a great option both aesthetically and functionally. Here’s a project that exemplifies the advantage of this burgeoning tile category we discovered on Houzz, featuring a Laminam by Crossville Collection.

Screenshot 2016-03-15 13.58.40

A beautiful and modern Detroit Lakes, Minnesota home is now the setting for an ultra-sleek steam shower clad in our Laminam porcelain tile panels.

Custom home builder Tomlinson and Sons of Detroit Lakes constructed the contemporary home, with designer Lynne Shears at the helm of this prized space and Ramsey Flooring, a customer of distributor  RBC Tile & Stone,supplying the large format Laminam Filo porcelain panels. Ramsey Flooring owner Steve Ramsey also supplied the final drawings for the shower layout. Having recently attended our Crossville training program for installing these innovative panels, installers Paul and John Jacobson of Jacobson Tile and Stone, were well-equipped to handle the job, achieving a flawless installation with the panels that measure just over 3′ x 9′ in outer dimensions, yet only 3 millimeters in thickness. 

Here’s a look at the fabulous results. Note the minimal, elegant style of the shower walls, as well as the subtle detail and texture of the Filo panels in the close-up photo. The nuanced details add interest to the sleek installation that offers uninterrupted tile style and functionality.



 See more of this uniquely designed modern home, here on Houzz, and be sure to follow us on Houzz and tag us in your Crossville project photos, as well!

Crossville at Design Mix 2016: Dressed to Thrill

Screenshot 2016-03-15 08.49.47Each year, we look forward to serving as a design team sponsor at the IIDA South Florida Chapter’s Design Mix event. This fun, annual gathering brings together the top A&D professionals in the area to model runway fashions they’ve constructed from building materials. This year, we sponsored the garment created by the interior design team of the Miami Dade Aviation Department.

The designing minds with Miami Dade selected to work with our Groove and Sideview glass mosaic tile collections. Using the mesh backing that is standard for our mosaics lines as fabric, the team artfully studded a long, two-piece gown with the light-catching, colorful mosaics from these two popular lines. The bling these mosaic pieces offer was certainly stunning to see in full on the runway at the event.

IMG_1988 2

IMG_2028 2

Robert Sutnick, our regional manager for South Florida, shared these words for the team who participated in this spectacular occasion.

“Kudos to our design team and model at Miami Dade Aviation Dept. for the outstanding dress you made out of our Groove and Sideview Glass mosaics! You fashioned hard-to-work-with glass tiles and mounting mesh into a beautiful, fashionable, sexy dress. True to the Miami Vice theme of the event, our beautiful, sultry model Betty, added shape and movement that brought the dress alive. Thank you so very much for dedicating your time and energy to our sponsorship. Crossville is again proud to be a sponsor of Design Mix, one of our most favorite South Florida events!”


Introducing Oceanaire Porcelain Tile Collection by Crossville

Screenshot 2016-02-18 08.41.12

Our newest line, Oceanaire, has officially launched! Designed to capture the appearance and texture of sea- and sand-swept natural stone, this stunning collection is notable for its multi-directional striations and fractal gradations interpreted in five color options, two finishes, and a range of versatile sizes⎯including large format and mosaic options. 

We used biomimicry technology (technology inspired by the examination of nature, its models, systems, and processes) to create the natural striations and gradations that make this sophisticated line truly unique. While the vast scenery associated with the ocean is the inspiration behind this collection, it’s the realistic details and subtlety that really bring this line to life.

Oceanaire is offered in five color options—Ashore, Current, Hightide, Waverunner, and Seamount. The earthen palette ranges from lighter to darker tones, with each color available in both unpolished and honed finishes. The line is designed to mix and match finishes, as well as colors, for infinite creativity and lots of installation possibilities.

Oceanaire is suitable interior floors, walls, countertops, and exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications. And, as with all our products produced at our Tennessee manufacturing facilities, this line is made using third-party certified, sustainable processes, is Green Squared certified, and contains a minimum 4% recycled content.

Here’s at look at some residential and commercial room scenes for your inspiration. Learn even more on our website by clicking here.

lobby residential_2 small RETAIL ROOM-AV333-Bistrot_3D-HD-0921151 Suite_3D-HD_09_10_2015

AAHID Holds First Healthcare Design/CHID Candidate Forum; Crossville Serves as Industry Partner

Screenshot 2016-02-03 12.21.25We at Crossville are always excited to be part of events in the design industry, especially ones purposed in furthering professional knowledge and education. Last fall, we served as one of the industry partner sponsors for the first-ever American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers‘ (AAHID) “Candidate Forum: Healthcare Design for the Future” held in Dallas, Texas. Other industry partners for the event included SpencerCare, Krug, Intro, MechoSystems, Skyline Design, Tandus, and Versteel. 

The event featured a panel discussion led by Certified Healthcare Interior Designers (CHIDs) Sonya Odell, John DuBard, and Gena English. Their talks centered around how AAHID came to be, the association’s mission, and the vision for healthcare design and its professional practitioners going forward. The event also included exam preperation for the CHID certification. At the end of the evening, three attendees received CHID exam scholarships, awarded by SpencerCare, Krug, and Crossville.

The Dallas Candidate Forum was a success, and AAHID looks forward to rolling out more Candidate Forums in different areas of the country going forward. Stay tuned for news of a Candidate Forum near you.

Crossville’s Heidi Vassalotti Attends Women in Commercial Construction and Facilities Retreat

Constructive Insights from Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine‘s Women in Commercial Construction and Facilities Retreat

The commercial construction industry is often thought of as a “man’s world,” but that perception isn’t reflective of an ever-evolving reality. Women play important roles across the full spectrum of professional positions within the industry, as evidenced at the annual Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine‘s conference for female leaders in the business.

Heidi Vassalotti of Crossville’s Strategic Accounts team, regarded for her great knowledge of all things sustainable at our company, was an attendee at the most recent Women in Commercial Construction and Facilities Retreat held in Denver, Colorado. The three-day event featured a series of networking opportunities, including a round table discussion, one-on-one meetings, and even a little free-fall flying in an indoor sky-diving facility.

One of the most prevailing themes of the retreat was the vital impact that women continue to make throughout the commercial construction industry. An afternoon roundtable discussion generated conversation based upon the question, “What is the biggest advantage of being a woman in the construction industry?”. The resulting exchange showed how these remarkable women are driven by a keen sense of processing and disseminating information, the ability to build and foster relationships, and a dedicated approach to details.

Heidi Vassalotti

“What I think is unique and dynamic about our group is that we all work so well together. In some cases, a man may listen to a conversation and walk away focused on a single point from the  discussion. In our group, however, we thoroughly think all aspects of the conversation through. Our combined skill sets makes us better at visualizing things and seeing the big picture.” ~ Heidi Vassalotti, Strategic Accounts, Crossville, Inc.

At Crossville, we operate on core values that guide how we do business. One way we live up to those values is to provide opportunities and support for top talent within our company and partnerships of utmost integrity with those we work. The ideals brought to light in the Women in Commercial Construction and Facilities Retreat echo the commitment we have to quality, professional connections and ongoing improvement in the tile industry, the commercial construction industry, and beyond.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.32.47 PM

A Before and After Story: The Guerry Dining Hall at the Baylor School


Who doesn’t love a good before-and-after renovation story, especially when the “after” is in stark contrast to the “before”? The dining hall project at Chattanooga’s Baylor School is one such story, and now we have the “before” photos to prove it!

The Guerry Dining Hall, built in 1931 on the campus of the renowned private school founded in 1893, serves 1,200 meals to students and faculty daily. With so many meals served each day, the dining hall endures an enormous amount of foot traffic – and that means the flooring selections for this space must be extremely durable, as well offer an upscale look befitting the school’s over all design aesthetic. 

When it came time to update this dining hall, Sara Webb of Franklin Architects, working with Bethe Motlow of Crossville distributor Louisville Tile of Chattanooga, ultimately decided that Crossville’s SpeakEasy collection made the grade for the space, with Crossville’s Retroactive and Shades collections enlisted to play supporting roles to help create visually distinguishable areas that guide and ease the traffic flow.

The result of the updated tile installation is a look that represents Baylor School beautifully, creating a classic appearance that is welcoming to students, families, faculty, and prospects alike. The flooring captures a style that is timeless, yet also on point with modern sensibilities, while still answering all the performance and maintenance requirements a busy, demanding environment like this demands.

Here’s a look at the “before” photos of Baylor’s Guerry Dining Hall. 026 028 031

These “after” photos of the new Guerry Hall are in sharp contrast to the before shots. They certainly depict how harmoniously Crossville tile works with the other new design elements to create an attractive and positive gathering place for Baylor Students, faculty and guests. 

BaylorSchool-22 BaylorSchool-41 BaylorSchool-7 BaylorSchool-5

Read the full case study on the Guerry Dining Hall project by clicking here.