Crossville Sends Thoughts to All Involved with the Blithewald Mansion in Rumson, NJ

Headlines earlier this week came as a shock. The grand and lovely Blithewald Mansion of Rumson, New Jersey, set for its gala debut and fundraising tours in just a few days, was seized by a four-alarm fire that engulfed the home and quickly turned aspirations to ashes.

Screenshot 2015-04-23 08.07.37

As a sponsor of this show house, we at Crossville were jarred by the news. Our first thoughts were for the designers, workers, and craftspeople who were surely on site giving the home its final preparations, as well as the teams of firefighters who came to tackle the blaze. We reached out to those designers we’ve come to know–those who had carefully selected our products to grace the spaces they were transforming. It was a relief to know that Ginny Padula and Christine Bolton of Town & Country Kitchens and Baths, as well as Amanda Haytaian of House of Cline were safely out of harm’s way. We also felt our hearts sink on behalf of the homeowner and to all who dedicated so much effort for this home’s creation and in the planning of the fundraising events that would surround its opening.

The spirit of camaraderie is always present among participants in a showcase home. From every idea to each installation, we’re in it together, striving to create exceptional spaces and experiences that spotlight talents and unite communities in the support good, important causes. Following the fire at Blithewald, we’ve seen designers and event organizers rally together to express gratitude to firefighters and first responders, share heartfelt thoughts to the homeowner, and support each other in the midst of an unexpected, unwelcome turn of events. We’re honored to be part of the camaraderie and caring community of Blithewald participants.

We’re unsure of the next steps regarding the show house. The gala event and tours are cancelled, of course, with no specific future plans yet announced. Despite our disappointment that the home that was already beautifully transformed succumbed to fire, we’re thankful to have a few snapshots of one of the bathrooms that featured our tile products. We know our products looked stunning alongside other sponsors’ contributions including DXV fixtures, and the amazing craftsmanship of Padula Builders, Inc. and Eastman Street Woodworks for the renovation work and cabinetry and custom armoire, respectively.

Here are a few shots of the “His” master bathroom snapped before the fire, featuring Amanda Haytaian’s stellar design.

IMG_5778 IMG_5779 IMG_5780 IMG_5781

The beautiful rooms of Blithewald may not have survived the fire, but the spirit of friendship, community, and shared purpose came out stronger. The local community and the design community are once again reminded of what is truly beautiful, irreplaceable, and timelessly important.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

You Can Support the Cause

The Blithewald Mansion gala and home tours were to serve as fundraisers for VisitinScreenshot 2015-04-23 10.08.40g Nurse Association Health Group’s Hospice and Home Healthcare programs. Though the event and tours are cancelled, you can still give. Click here to make a donation to help provide care for hospice and homebound patients in need of care.

Crossville Celebrates Earth Day 2015 With Announcement of Latest Recycling Milestones

Crossville celebrates Earth DayEach year, Crossville celebrates Earth Day by calculating the totals of our unique, extensive recycling programs. Between our Tile Take-Back® and TOTO recycling partnership, we are able to spare literally millions of pounds of fired porcelain waste from entering landfills. Here’s our press release announcing this year’s exciting totals.



Maintains Net Waste Consumption Through Tile Take-Back® Program, TOTO Partnership

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. – Officials with domestic tile manufacturer Crossville Inc. have announced the company recycled 14,255,082 pounds of fired porcelain in 2014, bringing the company’s cumulative recycling total to nearly 53.5 million pounds since the 2009 launch of the Tile Take-Back® program and subsequent TOTO USA recycling partnership.

These recycling initiatives are based on the company’s proprietary process for recycling fired porcelain products, including post consumer materials. Through Tile Take-Back®, Crossville is able to recycle previously installed tile collected from its distribution network, as well as scraps that result from tile cutting during installation, sizing, or sample creation. Through its TOTO partnership, Crossville receives pre-consumer fired porcelain toilets that do not meet quality standards; prior to the partnership, these cast-offs were being sent to landfills for disposal.

All 53.5 million pounds of diverted material have been or will be recycled into feed stock to manufacture new tile, leading Crossville to maintain net waste consumption at its plants for a fourth consecutive year. Net waste consumption is achieved by using more waste than is created during production.

Through the aforementioned recycling initiatives, Crossville achieved the following in 2014:

– ground and reused 6,040,062 pounds of fired scrap produced at the company’s plants that would have previously gone to landfills

– received and recycled 160,640 pounds of waste including scraps and post-consumer tile extracted from renovation projects (up from 87,411 pounds in 2013), and

– received and recycled 8,054,380 pounds of TOTO’s scrap porcelain—an increase of 765,520 pounds from 2013.

Since the Tile Take-Back® launch in 2009, the company’s cumulative recycling totals include:

– more than 24 million pounds of fired scrap produced at Crossville’s plants

– over 460,000 pounds of scrap and post-consumer tile

– just over 29 million pounds of scrap porcelain from TOTO USA.

Crossville officials note that amount of fired porcelain waste acquired from the marketplace as part of Tile Take-Back® increased significantly in 2014, indicating increased support and participation from the company’s distribution network. Likewise, the amount of scrap porcelain from TOTO was up in 2014, further contributing to the yearly and cumulative totals.

Tile Take-Back® and the TOTO USA partnership are just two of many sustainable practices Crossville maintains companywide. In 2014, Crossville released the first-ever Sustainability Report by a tile-only manufacturer. For more information about all of Crossville’s sustainability practices, visit http://

About Crossville’s Recycling Initiatives

Tile Take-Back Program®

The Tile Take-Back® program is Crossville’s answer to the major environmental problem facing the tile industry today: the recycling of fired tile. Because this program is so beneficial throughout the industry, Crossville openly accepts post-consumer tile from other brands as well as projects not originating from Crossville.

TOTO USA Partnership

In 2011, Crossville launched a partnership with sanitaryware manufacturer TOTO USA to receive and recycle that company’s fired porcelain refuse. Today, there is recycled content in every square foot of porcelain tile produced by Crossville because of the harvested material from TOTO, reducing the need for raw materials for tile production.

About Crossville, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Crossville Inc. is a U.S.-owned and operated manufacturer of award-winning tile collections for residential and contract applications. Its headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Crossville, Tennessee. Crossville, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Curran Group, a privately held holding company renowned for its core values of family, respect, partnership, integrity, and improvement.

An industry innovator, Crossville is the first U.S. tile manufacturer to achieve the following:

– produce large format tile on site,

– manufacture tile with certified recycled content,

– develop the Tile Take-Back® Program for recycling fired porcelain tile,

– achieve certification of its waste recycling programs,

– achieve TCNA’s Green Squared certification for all of its U.S.-produced tile lines,

– distribute a complete line of large format, thin porcelain panels (Laminam by Crossville), and

– become a net consumer of waste.

For more information on Crossville, visit

#TileTuesday Tip: Understanding the Difference Between Rectified and Calibrated Porcelain Tile

You see the words “rectified” and “calibrated” in tile product descriptions and package information, but do you know what these words really mean? Both terms refer to ways by which manufacturers ensure consistent sizing of tiles. Consistent tile sizes help to result in better installations. Here’s a look at the meaning of both terms for your knowledge.

Calibrated Tile

Calibration is sorting process manufacturers may use to ensure all tiles within packaged boxes are dimensionally consistent.

In the manufacturing process, unfired ceramic tiles are nearly identical in size when they exit the press, but the firing process in the kiln will cause the tiles to shrink–perhaps at slightly different percentages from piece to piece. Through calibration, manufacturers sort tiles based on finished size. 

Tiles are commonly grouped into two to four different calibers based on strict sizing requirements of the industry. Calibrated tiles are typically allowed no more than +/-0.5% variation from the average dimension of the corresponding caliber, not to exceed +/- 2mm.  Calibrated tiles may be available at price points that fit more budget conscious projects.


Crossville’s Ready to Wear porcelain tile collection is calibrated.

Rectified Tile

Rectified tiles, on the other hand, are fired and then ground to size. This is done to achieve exacting standards in size consistency. Rectified tiles’ edges are precisely, mechanically finished for uniformity, ensuring the size is more precise from piece to piece within a product line.

The uniformity of rectified tiles provides enhanced ease of installation and can simplify installing patterns and unique tile designs. Rectified tiles’ exact edges may allow for smaller grout lines (as small as 1/16“ per industry standards) compared to the edges of non-rectified tiles. If thin grout lines are desired for an installation, it is recommended that rectified tiles be specified.

Moonstruck by Crossville - conservatory image

Crossville’s Moonstruck collection is rectified, allowing for installations with smaller grout lines

To ensure the best possible installation outcomes, be sure to learn if your tile is rectified or calibrated. Crossville prioritizes full disclosure and product education, so we give the details you need on all product information, whether in print or online.

Crossville Collections Featured in Winning Vignette at HI Connect

HI Connect Bathroom Vignette

Crossville was one of the sponsors of Dallas design firm Seifert Murphy’s on-site luxury bathroom vignette at HIConnect® Design, a convention for hospitality decision makers recently held in Nashville, TN. 

HIConnect is an immersive event for the Screenshot 2015-03-27 10.22.00hospitality industry, bringing attendees together to see exhibitions, experience real “vignette” hospitality environments, and join in conversation with peers such as industry owners, developers, top lodging executives, franchisors, franchisees, suppliers and design professionals.

The vignette displays were a highlight of the show, as these actual room installations told the best stories about the market’s latest product options and design trends. Our products were put to great use in Seifert Murphy’s inventive luxury bathroom vignette. Our Sideview Glass Mosaic Tile collection sparkled as it covered the entire feature wall behind the freestanding tub. Yin+Yang added rich sophistication in a herringbone pattern on the bathroom floor, and sleek Laminam panels elevated the toilet nook with modern, simple style. The submission proved to be popular with the invitation-only attendees, as it won the People’s Choice award for Best Bathroom! 

Screenshot 2015-04-02 10.53.46

Here’s a look at the unique installation featuring Crossville collections.

On the Floor:  Linear 3″ x12″ planks from Crossville’s Yin + Yang natural stone collection graces the floor of this sumptuous bathroom. The herringbone-patterned combination of sleek “Black Dragon” and earthy “Tea Garden” creates a harmonious backdrop that sets the stage for this sophisticated space.Yin + Yang floor

HI Connect Bathroom Vignette

Up and Over/ Wall Surfaces: The sink wall is decked in opulent style with Yin + Yang’s Blank Dragon in 1/2″ x 2″ mosaic.

Sink surround in Yin + Yang Black Dragon mosaic

Focal Point:  Richly faceted metallic mosaics from Crossville’s Sideview collection in Tungsten (polished finish) adorn the shower wall, creating a dazzling focal point of art deco grandeur.

Sideview Glass collection on shower wall

HI Connect Bathroom Vignette

A Great Look for the Nook:  The large metallic panels of Crossville’s Laminam Filo in Argento, with its intriguing, chain-mail texture, gives a true stylistic edge to the wet wall.

Laminam Filo  wet wall

Kudos to the design team at Seifert Murphy, as well as to our fellow sponsors, for creating such a stunning vignette that earned the “Best Bathroom” honors!




#TileTuesday Special: Take One Giant Leap In Your Design With Moonstruck Porcelain Stone Collection

New Line Has Out of This World Looks & Down to Earth Features

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest collection, Moonstruck. This inventive line of porcelain tile converges celestial beauty and earthly sensibility for a look that’s large, linear, and luxurious.


The sandstone textures and directional veining recall both ancient native rock formations and untouched celestial surfaces, creating a sweeping, sophisticated effect.

Moonstruck by Crossville - Conservatory Image AV305_E3BikeShop_Vert2 AV303_Sedgefield_Vert AV301_ArtGallery

Moonstruck makes a grandiose statement with generous 12 x 24 and 18 x 36 sizes that are sure to turn heads. Choose from five colors in both honed and unpolished finishes or mix and mingle colors and finishes to create your own, out of this world surface aesthetic.

Moonstruck Colors

Choose from the crisp, ice-white of Juno, the clean bright tone of Luna, the versatile cool hue of Cosmos, the subtle, nuanced gray of Gemini or the smokey sophistication of Apollo.

Moonstruck is not only big on style and performance, it’s very kind to our planet because it’s manufactured with our third-party certified, sustainable processes. You don’t have to go out of this world to make good choices for this planet.

Moonstruck brings fearless style and graceful movement to any space’s mission!

Laminam by Crossville Elevates the Elevator Lobbies in Philadelphia

Crossville’s Laminam Plays an Important Role in the Overall Design of IBC Headquarters

Independence Blue Cross Renovation

Crossville’s Laminam Filo was recently employed as an impressive skin for the towering elevator lobby walls at Philadelphia’s Independence Blue Cross (IBC) headquarters. The renovation of this iconic tower was significant in both size and scope, with the redesign of the 45 floors accounting for a total of 840,000 square feet!

“You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.” As with any corporate office, the lobby of IBC headquarters plays an important role in setting the tone for the entire corporate office. Not only is this expansive entry a stage setter for those entering the building, it’s also a first impression for passersby, as the front of the IBC lobby is composed almost entirely of windows. With consideration of the “outside-in” perspective, the project design team of Meyer Architecture + Interiors aimed to redesign the lobby to offer a true representation of the business within.

With towering ceilings, the lobby necessitated that the designers choose a material that was substantial in size yet visually interesting. The goal was to achieve a sophisticated, corporate feel balanced with an inviting, modern style. The material needed to be beautiful, durable, and reasonable to install. Enter Laminam, with its collection of large format, thin porcelain tile panel products. The design team chose Laminam’s Filo in the Mercurio color because the “chain mail” textured, metallic finish has a decidedly modern aesthetic and would communicate the idea that the business housed within is contemporary in its approach.

Because the project’s fast track didn’t allow for the demolition of the existing granite wall, the expansive Laminam panels were installed over the existing material. The ability to install the Laminam porcelain tile panels over the granite was a time saver and eliminated costs associated with demolition.

The expansive Laminam panels offered the size and style the space demanded, and the choice of Filo, with its intriguing juxtaposition of elegant porcelain and metal vanguard, yielded a stunning result with a stylistic edge and contemporary feel.

Crossville Color Talk: Tools for Identifying Colors and Creating Color Palettes


Where do you turn when you’re looking for a refreshing new color palette for a room or a home remodel? Do you flip through magazines or head to your local paint store for color chips? Maybe you visit Pinterest or your favorite design blog. These methods are all wonderful for inspiration, but sometimes you may feel like you need more than just pretty pictures and paint chips. You need tools that can actually help you identify the right color and create the right color palette for your space.

Here are some of the best color apps and online color scheme generators we have found.

ColourLovers is a vast site and creative online community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles. Explore existing color schemes or develop your own palette under the “Tools” section of the site. The site is free to use, but you can purchase fabric and prints made from the palettes and patterns you create.

Pantone, the provider of global color systems, has come up with its very own app, myPANTONE. Capture and extract colors from pictures of your current space or inspiration and snap to the closest Pantone color.  Access over 13,000 colors and cross-reference Pantone color libraries, and compare with Pantone Fashion + Home, and numerous Pantone color guides. Easily create color palettes and share by email with friends, clients and vendors. This iPhone app is ideal for those who have specific needs for matching and coordinating Pantone libraries and is great for fashion and graphic design, in addition to interior design and decorating. Compatible with iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch, myPANTONE is available at the ITunes App Store. for $9.99

Color Capture
This simple (and free!) digital app from Benjamin Moore is a great tool for capturing color palettes you love while on the fly. You never know when or where you’ll find color inspiration – use the Color Capture app to snap a picture of anything that catches your eye and instantly find its color scheme match from a collection of more than 3,500 paint colors. Color Capture is compatible with IOS devices and Android and is available at the iTunes App Store.

Color 911®
The Color 911® app for iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch helps you create your own colors, select colors from inspiring themes by color expert Amy Wax (or from photos), combine colors to create your own palettes, organize colors into folders and share with designers, clients, friends or family. The app has more than 50 downloadable color themes, each with 42 different colors that work together. You can create your own color on the color wheel, select colors from the Internet or choose colors from your photo library –the choice of colors is endless. You can easily edit colors to adjust hue, saturation or brightness, as well as create a personal palette library and organize palettes in multiple folders with or without your notes. While Color 911 is an excellent interior design and decorating tool, it’s also perfect for fashion design, wardrobe selection, graphic and web design, and commercial and fine art. This app is compatible with IOS and is available for $4.99 at the ITunes App Store.

House Beautiful’s 500+ Favorite Paint Colors
Specifically for the iPad, the 500+ Favorite Paint Colors app is a comprehensive tool that gives information on 669 paint colors from the top quality paint manufacturers. You can choose a color to learn what other designers have done with it in the past to spark ideas and help you think more creatively. You can even fill the whole iPad screen for a giant color swatch—great for holding up against the wall to see what colors complement your choice and figuring which colors work in which rooms under different lighting conditions. Use the app’s “Color River” to browse paint colors, and sort by any combination of colors, spaces or moods. Compare up to four colors at a time and save them to your paint box. This app for iPad only is $4.99 at the iTunes App Store.

Chip It
Chip It is a free online gadget created by Sherwin-Williams that allows you to build a palette from any photo that you upload or find online. When you find an image of colors you love, just use the “chip it” button in your browser to create an instant palette that pulls from over 1500 Sherwin Williams paint colors – but you don’t have to be bound by their paint to enjoy playing with this fun color tool.

CSS Drive
This free online color palette generator is not connected to a paint brand. Just upload an image to CSS Drive to generate a color palette based on the image’s primary colors. This tool is useful for quickly grabbing colors within an image for inspiration.  Though developed for website designers, there is no reason you couldn’t use this nifty tool to develop an interior design color scheme.

Look for more on the quest for the right color in all our Crossville Color Talk posts, and be sure to check out our Pinterest boards to find inspirational, color Pinboards and ideas for great design.

Photo credit: Courtesy of  Nancy Muller. Click on image to view source.

Crossville is dedicated to being at the forefront of color trends in order to infuse them into our product development to bring you the latest styles in addition superior quality wrought from cutting-edge technologies. As we strive to be on-trend and fashion forward, we also understand that trend alone is not the driving force in color selection. To that end, we ensure the colors we select for our products are appropriate to each and every tile design, as well as the times.